3rd Hand Universal Support Beam

Enables One Installer to Efficiently Perform the Tasks of Several Workers

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What's special about these electrician's helpers?

  • Multipurpose pole extends up to 12' (3.66m) and supports up to 150 lbs (68.03 kg), assisting with installation of heavy wall mount cabinets, network equipment, light fixtures, and other server room needs
  • Steel Pole locks into position every foot, ensuring reliable support at any length
  • Easily extends and shortens with a pump-style lever, which is a relief compared to the stress of pushing down on the balllocks found on other poles
  • Also ideal for contractors installing molding, cabinets, drywall, and other heavy, hard to support fixtures
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FastCap's® 3rd Hand allows installations that typically require several workers to be done more efficiently, by a single person. Able to support up to 150lbs and extend up to 12 feet, this support beam will make cabinet installation, light fixture mounting, chalk line creation, and many other rough tasks a breeze. FastCap logo

Part #DescriptionDimensionsWeightPrice
FC-3HAND3rd Hand Support Beam
  • (1) 3rd Hand Poles
  • (2) Universal Feet
  • (1) Dust Barrier feet
5' to 12' (1.5m to 3.65m)7.7 lbs (3.49kg)
FC-3HAND23rd Hand Twin Pack
  • (2) 3rd Hand Poles
  • (4) Universal Feet
  • (2) Dust Barrier feet
5' to 12' (1.5m to 3.65m) each15.4 lbs (6.98kg)
FC-3H-CONTRAPK3rd Hand Contractor Pack
  • (4) 3rd Hand Poles 
  • (8) Universal Feet
  • (4) Dust Barrier feet
  • (1) Carry Bag
5' to 12' (1.5m to 3.65m) each25 lbs (11.33kg)
Part #DescriptionDimensionsWeightPrice
FC-3H-UNIFOOTReplacement Universal Foot,
(1) replacement for the articulating foot
6" x 6" (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm)1.6 oz (45.35g)
FC-3H-DBFOOTDust Barrier Foot with Magnet -
helps create dust barriers by sealing the plastic to the 3rd Hand feet
3" x 3" (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm)1.8 oz (51.02g)
FC-3H-DOORMAGDoorMag (4pk) - Magnetically seals plastic to dust barriers to keep dust out. Flipped to accommodate the main part of the pole or the telescoping part inside-5.6 oz (158g)
FC-3H-LASERMTMagnetic Laser Mount, a swivel laser level mount that attaches to the 3rd Hand for creating chalk lines4" W x 4" H x 1" D
(10.16 cm W x 10 cm H x 2.54 cm D)
12 oz (340)
  • Eliminates the need for additional support materials and personnel, greatly reducing overall project costs
  • Fine adjustment feature helps in getting the perfect hold on the object you’re supporting, ensuring dependable stability
  • Pole can be cut with a hacksaw or a reciporicating saw to create custom lengths
  • Soft neoprene grip for comfortable carrying and handling
  • Each unit includes a Magnetic Dust Barrier Foot for creating sturdy barriers to block dust and airborne debris
  • Steel construction for endurance under heavy loads
  • Patent #7,810,771
FC-3HAND 3rd Hand Support Beam 7.7 lbs (3.49kg) 5' to 12' (1.5m to 3.65m)
FC-3HAND2 3rd Hand Twin Pack 15.4 lbs (6.98kg) 5' to 12' (1.5m to 3.65m) each
FC-3H-CONTRAPK 3rd Hand Contractor Pack 25 lbs (11.33kg) 5' to 12' (1.5m to 3.65m) each
FC-3H-UNIFOOT Replacement Universal Foot 1.6 oz (45.35g) 6" x 6" (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm)
FC-3H-DBFOOT Dust Barrier Foot with Magnet 1.8 oz (51.02g) 3" x 3"  (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm)
FC-3H-DOORMAG DoorMag (4pk) 5.6 oz (158g) -
FC-3H-LASERMT Magnetic Laser Mount 12 oz (340) 4" W x 4" H x 1" D
(10.16 cm W x 10 cm H x 2.54 cm D)





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