IDEAL Crimpmaster™ RJ45 Kit Refills

Kit Refills for Crimpmaster™ RJ45, 10Base-T Work


What's special about this ethernet crimping kit?

  • 10Base-T network kit has all your RJ-45 plug job needs
  • Kit includes the high quality Data T-Cutter and the Crimpmaster™ Ratchet Crimp
  • Ratchet mechanism has pressure adjustment with quick release handles making this tool quick and easy to use.
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The IDEAL 33-652 10Base-T Crimpmaster kit comes complete with all the necessary tools to carry out your RJ45 communication and coaxial cable jobs. This kit has included with it a Data T®-Cutter which allows for work on multi pair cables up to 1/2" diameter, RG59 and RG6 cables.

Components of the Kit
Part # Description Price
ID-30-506 Crimpmaster™ Ratchet Crimp Tool Frame
Manufacturer Direct
ID-45-074 Data T®-Cutter
Manufacturer Direct
ID-30-559 Die Set, RJ-45 Keyed & Non-Keyed, for Crimpmaster™ Crimp Tool Frame
Manufacturer Direct
ID-45-165 UTP/Coax Cutter
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Weight Price
ID-30-581 Die Set, Combo RG-58, RG-59/62, BNC/TNC 0.18 lb
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UTP/Coax cutter for stripping twisted pair, CATV, CB antenna, SJT, SO, SJ and many other types of flexible power cables from 3/16" - 5/16". It comes complete with straight and round blades and can also be adjusted for damage free strips. The Crimpmaster is a high quality ratchet crimp with dies that are quickly interchangeable with a screwdriver. Also included is an 8 position modular RJ45 plug crimp and 200 non-keyed solid plugs.

  • Quick release crimp dies for easy and efficient changes
  • UTP Cutter comes with additional round and straight blades
  • Cutting tool is adjustable for damage free stripping
  • Comes complete with 200 modular plugs and a durable and splash-proof carrying case.
  • Warranty: 90 days


Part # ID-33-652
Kit Includes

Data T-Cutter
Crimpmaster™ Ratchet Crimp
RJ-45 Key and Non-Keyed Die Set
UTP/ Coax Cutter
8 position modular RJ45 plug crimp
Carrying Case

Weight 5.73 lbs


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