Acme 37A and 37AC Broadband Cable and Wire Staple Gun

Specially Designed for use with Broadband and Coaxial Cable


What's special about these Broadband staple guns?

  • 37A model work well with broadband cables and larger wires such as 12-32 pair Cat 3 wire, coaxial cable, and 18/7 flat thermostat wire.
  • 37AC model uses specially designed staples for RG6QUAD/59 and other coaxial cable.
  • Both models meet broadband manufacturers’ installation specifications, and are preferred by today’s major telecom/datacom and contractors.
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Acme’s 35A & 37AC Broadband cable staple guns are designed to accommodate large Broadband cable as well large wire pairs.

ALWAYS verify all wire/cable diameters PRIOR to stapling due to manufacturers varying wire specifications.
Please Note: These products ship within 3 weeks

Part # Description Weight Price
ASC-37A Acme 37A Staple Gun for Up to 3/8" 2.28 lbs
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Part # For Staple Gun Material Leg Length Box Qty Price
ASC-652142 37A Monel 3/8" 1,000
Manufacturer Direct
ASC-652144 37A Monel 1/2" 1,000
Quick Ship

The 37AC model has been redesigned to drive specially configured 37AC staples to a predetermined depth in most substrates, making it virtually impossible to crush the broadband or larger sized cable.

  • Patented Broadband Stapler designed to preserve Broadband’s high speed capacity, and protects the cables from being crushed.
  • Galvanized steel or corrosion-resistant Monel® staples available for 37A & 37AC models.
  • Redesigned for faster, labor-saving installation
  • Bottom-load magazine for quick and easy drop-in loading
  • Manufacturer lifetime limited warranty

    ALWAYS verify all wire/cable diameters PRIOR to stapling due to manufacturers varying wire specifications.

    MODEL 37A for Max. Wire & Cable Dia. 3/8” (9mm)   MODEL 37AC* for Max. Wire & Cable Dia. 11/32” (9mm)
    Available Leg Lengths: 3/8”, 1/2”, 9/16” (9,13,14mm) Available Leg Length: 19/32” (15mm)
    CAT 3 Wire 12-32 pair Broadband Coaxial Cable RG6QUAD/59 and others
    Coaxial Cable RG59/62  
    Thermostat Wire 18/7 (Flat)

    * Protected by US Patent 6,848,607. Other patents pending.
    Models 25AC and 37AC are designed to drive the specially configured staples to a predetermined depth in most substrates, thus making it virtually impossible for the Broadband wires to be crushed.
    All staple types available in Galvanized Steel or Corrosion Resistant Monel® or Stainless Steel with or without Painted Crown. Monel® is a registered trademark of INCO, Co.



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    Questions & Answers


    Can the 37AC and the 25AC models be modified to push harder on the staples? Because in all installations I've used them for, they don't hold the cables tight to the surface. Its really hard when you're trying to keep wire runs tight.

    Asked by Anonymous user on 12.51 PM Thursday, 28 September, 2017

    • - Hello Unfortunately, the staples are fixed and cannot be adjusted to push harder.

      andrew b. on 11.53 AM Friday, 13 October, 2017

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