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About Justrite Safety Group®

Justrite Safety Group is a growing family of industrial safety companies. With ten different portfolio brands, each with a specific focus, Justrite Safety Group provides the essential safety products you need to protect your workers and your workplace.


NoTrax's® ergonomic, safe, and protective anti-fatigue matting solutions keep people and property safe in a range of facilities. As a leading ISO-certified matting manufacturer, our R&D team designs, develops, and tests innovative flooring solutions to address a range of needs for people — and floors — everywhere.


Checkers® provides a variety of solutions to protect cables and those who find their feet near them. From the Linebacker® line of industrial cord protectors to the FastLane® drop over and the heavy duty Guard Dog® line, their offerings will keep your cords covered and protected in the home, office, warehouse, school, construction site, event venue, or anywhere that needs a low profile protector that prevents tripping hazards.


Linebacker® cable protectors are designed to keep cables protected and offer safe crossing to vehicles and pedestrians in the toughest environments. Linebacker® cable protectors feature a UV-stabilized polyurethane construction that will protect cables and hoses from being damaged by heavy vehicles and equipment. The reinforced hinged lid of the Linebacker® lets users to easily take cables and hoses in and out of the unit. Linebacker® heavy-duty cable protectors feature patented T-connectors that will retain their hold even under extreme weight and a modular design that enables users to extend cable protection to any length. The 5-bar surface tread of Linebacker® products provides maximum traction to reduce slips and falls. These heavy-duty cable protectors are easy to set up, transport, and store when not in use. Linebacker® cable protectors incorporate an all-weather design and are ideal for use in oil and gas applications, mining, military, and other industrial environments with heavy trucks and forklifts.

Cable protectors

Guard Dog® cable protectors protect valuable cables and hoses from damage while providing a safe crossing point for pedestrians and over-the-road vehicles. Our most versatile and extensible cable protection system, Guard Dog® cable protection units are available in 5-channel and 3-channel variants and the 5-channel ADA/DDA Guard Dog® with built-in accessibility ramps. Guard Dog® cable protectors accommodate cable diameters up to 1.325 inches and a maximum load capacity of 10,500 lbs/tire or 21,000 lbs/axle. They feature a reinforced hinged lid for convenient cable placement and robust all-weather polyurethane construction. The modular interlocking design uses ergonomic Dog Bone connectors compatible with a range of cable cover accessories, including 90° and 45° left and right turn connectors and accessibility ramps and rails. Guard Dog® cable covers and accessories are suitable for use in many environments, including amusement parks, sporting events, industrial and construction sites, utility applications, and more.

& Bumble Bee®

​​ Yellow Jacket® and Bumble Bee® cable protectors by Checkers® are easy to spot thanks to their vivid yellow and black coloring, which gives them their name. Whether you need a heavy duty hinge-top cord cover for industrial areas or construction sites, or a simple drop over cover for light foot traffic, there's a low profile Bumble Bee® or Yellow Jacket® cable protector that will get the job done, ensuring your cables are protected and no one will trip over the low profile, highly visible cable cover.

​​ The Grip Guard cable protection system gets its name from the ergonomic grip connectors that are designed to fit your hand at either end of the cable protector. These make the cable protector very user-friendly and easy to deploy. As well as being very comfortable to handle the Grip Guard® is also Very lightweight saving up to 75% of the weight when compared to rubber cable protectors.

Established in 1894, Eagle Manufacturing Company® is a leading manufacturer of products designed to safely handle, contain and store volatile and hazardous substances. Cabinets, bollards, pallets, storage cans and more are all designed and produced by Eagle® to ensure a safe environment in virtually any material handling industry. Eagle® specializes in Compliance Solutions that will help your industry meet all local, state and/or federal guidelines regarding hazardous material storage and handling.