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Cable Cover Protection

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Cable Cover Protection for Every Application

If you're running cords, cables and wires across any surface where foot or vehicle traffic is going to occur, a cord cover (or covers!) is an essential investment. We stock cable and cord covers for virtually every application, from home and office to warehouses and construction sites. Whether indoor, outdoor, jobsite, worksite, conference room, office - we have covers for it.

Cord covers are the go-to solution for this problem, ensuring that your cables don't sustain damage from heavy traffic, and protecting that traffic from trip hazards. From discreet and decorative plastic cord covers that match your home decor to high visibility heavy duty multi-channel models that can withstand serious vehicle traffic, we've got them all, including popular lines such as Guard Dog, Bumblebee and Yellowjacket.

For the ultimate in safety compliance, check out our low-profile ADA compliant handicap ramps that provide safe access for those in wheelchairs. Buy cable concealers and protectors from today!

Cord Cover Protection Is a Necessity for Safety

You may not think of cord cover protection as a necessity, but here at we know how important they are. Countless trips, falls, emergency room visits and doctor’s bills are prevented with the use of cord covers.

The bottom line is this: If you have cables running through any area that is used by people on foot or in a vehicle, cord covers are an essential tool that must be used. There are many different kinds of cord covers to fit every need. From covers you can use at home to covers for the main street of your town, we have it all.

A breakdown of the different kinds of cord cover protection

duraline cord cover supplies six different kinds of cord covers. To make things easier for you, here is a summary of what each of them does and the kind of traffic it is built for, along with a few of our favorites from each category!

Cord cover protection ranges from light-duty use in a home or office setting, to heavy-duty covers designed to withstand major and heavy traffic, regularly.

Light Capacity Cord Covers

Light capacity cord covers are designed for home or office use. Exactly like their name describes, they are ideal for light traffic and little wear and tear. By no means should these covers be used outside. They are easy-to-use, which make them a great, quick-fix option for most people in the market for cord cover protection.
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Medium Capacity Cord Covers

red black dropovers

This capacity allows for more traffic to pass through – both foot traffic and automobile traffic. Medium cord covers serve double duty of protecting wires while at the same time preventing trip hazards. They can be used in areas like schools, libraries, grocery stores, and can even be used outdoors.
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High Capacity Cord Covers

High capacity cord covers are sturdy, industrial tools ready to take on weight and plenty of foot traffic. Besides cables, they can be used for the protection of hoses, cables, wires, and pipes. These are the kinds of covers that are used on busy streets to protect both the cables and the people crossing over them.
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Power Extension Covers

Perfect for large rooms or spaces where there just isn’t a handy outlet where you need it, power extension covers safely allow wires to run through a room without creating an unsightly trip hazard for people.
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Fabric Cord Covers

fabric chandelier cord cover

Fabric cord covers offer a flexible solution to covering cords and hoses. is happy to provide different options – from decorative silk to rugged leather. Other varieties exist, like slip-over, wrap-around, and cover varieties, that blend seamlessly into your décor.
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ADA/Handicap Ramps and Rails

Specialized cord covers, ramps, and rails exist to provide hazard-free access across cables and hoses for both pedestrians and people in wheelchairs. All of the designs we offer are compliant with the American with Disability Act (ADA).
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With all of the cord covers that are available, it is possible to find one to fit your exact needs. From heavy-duty covers that can take the weight of a big truck, to pretty and decorative options to go perfectly with your home’s motif there is something for every need, purpose, and budget.