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Braided sleeving is a great way to keep hoses, wires and cables safe from abrasion, temperature, chemicals and other damage. Expandable computer cable sleeving adds an extra layer of versatility by conforming to bundles of odd shapes & sizes. Split/side entry sleeving allows you to wrap cables for easy installation, or for areas where disconnecting cable bundles is not possible or practical. Choose from a variety of types to suit your specific application: metal, carbon fiber, fabric, heat shrink sleeving, Kevlar, Teflon, fiberglass, nylon, or our popular PET (polyethylene) wrap, available in many colors and styles, including UV reactive and flame retardant. It's an ideal solution for general purpose applications. Order by the foot or by the spool, and don't forget an installation tool to help save you both time and money.

From organizing cords and cables in the home or office, to protecting essential components in automotive, military, marine and aerospace applications, there's a protective wire wrap for just about any situation. We've got sleeving that's heat resistant, flame retardant, chemical and abrasion resistant, EMI shielded, weather and moisture resistant, and more. No matter what type of specialized need you have for your cable bundle, we've got a braided wire sleeve for it, from the economical to the heavy duty. Fiberglass sleeving is great for welding, manufacturing and other industrial uses, Teflon sleeves work great for aerospace, military and plenum siutations. Stainless steel sleeving resists chemicals, abrasion and UV rays, and it looks great to boot. The possibilities are endless.

Most braided wire sleeve options will fray if cut with standard scissors (though non-fray options are available, they're the exception, not the rule). To cut braided sleeving, a hot knife is recommended, which cuts the sleeving while cauterizing the new edges so they won't fray. Our hot knife selection includes hand held options for small jobs, and bench mount hot knives and thermocutters for heavy duty, industrial applications.

Avoiding Safety Hazards and Damage with Braided Sleeving Wire Management

Did you know that damage to wires is a leading cause of fires in residential and commercial spaces? No matter where your cables are, over time they are exposed to heat, moisture, bending and tugging, overuse, extreme temperature, and all kind of other damage. Many people make the incorrect assumption that a wire is good to go in the casing or sleeve it came in, but this couldn't be further from the truth! Extra protection keeps your wires safer for longer, keeps things organized, and keeps things safe.

Braided Sleeving Extends the Life of Your Hoses, Wires, and Cables

Borsheim computer braided sleeving
Hoses, wires, and cables can all be extensively intricate and hard to navigate. Replacing one can be a huge hassle but a necessity if damage becomes apparent. It's a smart idea to use sleeving from the beginning so that you can prevent damage in the first place, and avoid having to go back to your wires, find the issue, and buy replacements.
There are a variety of different categories of braided sleeving that offers. No matter what the purpose of your wiring is. From standard sleeving for your home or office to industrial sleeving and all the tools you need for your job, we've got your needs covered.

Standard Braided Sleeving

Perfect for managing unsightly wires while offering another level of protection, we have a lot of different standard braided sleeving options available. The two main ones are expandable, and split/side entry.
Expandable braided sleeves are ideal for keeping wiring and cables neatly together while also offering protection to prevent fraying and other damage. As the name suggests, they expand to allow multiple wires and are flexible to allow for range of motion. These kinds of braided sleeves come in various materials and levels of durability to match whatever your needs are.
Split side entry sleeving is different in that it has a slit down the side so that it can be wrapped around the cables it will be protecting. Installation is super easy, and you can actually install the sleeving without having to unplug your wires.

Specialty/Industrial Sleeving

Braided multicolor cable sleeving
Available to meet your specific needs, this kind of sleeving comes in a variety of different materials, strengths, and coats. Unlike regular braided sleeving, specialty/industrial sleeving was created to withstand tougher conditions. They are perfect for high voltage because they are non-conductive. There are flame retardant and temperature resistant options also for use in extreme conditions.
Like most of our products, these sleeves come in different varieties and range from regular protection to heavy duty. Fun fact: even offers sleeving for aerospace and military use!

Installation Tools and Hot Knives

We can't sell a product without having the tools for installation and preparation right alongside it! From simple thermocutter blades to a variable autotransformer, we have everything you need for one-stop-shopping for your cable sleeving needs!