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Keep your cables organized and prevent mishaps in industrial environments

In commercial and industrial settings, preventive organization plays a vital part in protecting the two main things that run around these sites: people and cables. Industrial safety is important to ensure that people avoid injury and that machinery and equipment avoids damage. We carry a great variety of cable management products to keep your job site up to safety standards and running smoothly, from floor cord covers for ground cables to heat shrink, sleeving and raceway for routing and bundling. Cable tracks and hose carriers can keep industrial machinery cabling from tangling or snagging on machinery components.

Keep Industrial Settings Protected with the Right Supplies and Equipment

Cables and wires are a part of the integral structure of any industrial setting. They are the veins that run power throughout a structure, and since they have such an important job, it is essential that they are well protected. Prevention is key - and has all the industrial supplies and equipment you need to ensure your cables will last a long time. They will also make sure that the people engaging with them will be safe as well.

A Little Bit about Each of Our Industrial Equipment Categories

You may get a little overwhelmed at first when looking at all of our options. However, we divided everything into six categories to make shopping easy and to ensure you get exactly what you need. Here is a little bit about each category of supplies.


Truck on cord cover
  • Floor Cord Covers. You have probably encountered these more than you realize. At concerts, places where there is a lot of A/V equipment, maybe even at your office, cord covers are used to keep cables safe from foot and/or vehicle traffic. At the same time, they prevent people and vehicles from getting into an unfortunate tangle with a wire. From light-weight and easy to use cord covers that are perfect for the home or office, to heavy duty covers that can withstand car and truck traffic at industrial sites, cord covers are always useful and can save a lot of damage to the cables while keeping people safe.

  • Cable and Hose Carriers. Keeping cables organized can be a major task, especially when you are working with a lot at once. Having the right carriers and tracks will prevent twisting, tangling, chafing, and breakage. Every cable has a bend radius, and our cable tracks ensure that your cables don't exceed that radius and end up useless. You will also be able to guide cables and hoses to where they need to go and prevent snagging.

  • Cable Sleeving. Different kinds of cable sleeves exist for different purposes. Some are standard and help with easy installation and protect from liquids and other hazards. In addition to providing a layer of protection, they also help to keep wiring together in one, neat package. For bigger jobs, plenty of varieties of industrial sleeving exist for different purposes. Fiberglass sleeving is non-conductive and perfect for high voltage, and we also offer many fire retardant and weather resistant options. For the super-intense people out there, we even have sleeving for military and aerospace use!

  • Heat Shrink. When heat is applied to these unique tools, they secure, bundle, and protect cables, wires, and hoses. Similar to cable sleeving, these heat shrinking tubes are designed with superior quality designed specifically for military, industrial, and commercial applications.

  • Cable Raceway. Wiring is unsightly and gets in the way. No doubt about it. Cable raceways provide an esthetically appealing way of securing wires to the floor or walls. They are available in different strengths, designs, and sizes so that you are pretty much guaranteed to find one that perfectly suits your needs. Many of our styles have adhesive backing for easy application, and also can be cut to custom-fit exactly the size you require.

  • Industrial Safety. Just because this is last on the list certainly doesn't mean it is the least important! On job sites, you often deal with a lot of harsh chemicals that can have severe health consequences if they are used improperly. The industrial safety equipment we offer includes safety cabinets and accessories, lockouts, and spill containment systems. Cabinets ensure that your chemicals or haz-mat materials are safely and neatly contained. Don't want anyone but yourself touching them? Lockout kits include things like tags and padlocks to keep the wrong people away. Finally, safety cans and spill containers are not only a good thing to have, but a requirement for the safe handling of volatile substances.

    There you have it. If you are working on an industrial site, you have come to the right place to find everything you need to make sure your job runs smoothly for the duration of your work.