Cable Support Systems

Getting a cabling bundle off the ground doesn't always require a tray system. Sometimes creating an entire wire tray network for routing just isn't practical or feasible – maybe you're on a budget, or you're working in a tight space where trays just wouldn't fit. When you need some added support for your low voltage cable runs, there are plenty of options. Loops, saddles, bridle rings (both bare metal and PVC coated) and J hooks all help you suspend cables, and rooftop supports for pipes and conduit help raise components off a roof's surface to help dampen vibration and meet NEC requirements. Whether they're traveling vertically, horizontally, along walls and ceilings, or over roofs, we've got a support system for your wires, pipes or conduit. For plenum spaces, The Loop is an extremely versatile, economic solution that our customers love, and for cables sensitive to bend radius (such as fiber optic cables) the Pull Elbow is a great tool for going around corners.

An Easy Way to Support Your Cables

Everyone and everything needs support once in a while, and that includes cables. There are many ways to support cables, ranging from the super-simple to the more complex and intricate. It isn't always ideal to use cable trays for every application, because space and time and affordability may be a factor. Simple loops, saddles, and rings allow you to work in small spaces, have a ton of flexibility, and to determine how much you want to pay so that you don't go over your budget.

How to Make the Most of Your Cable Support System

Once you determine that you want to take this route instead of a cable tray, there are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure you get the right product:

  • How will the wires be travelling? Vertically? Horizontally?
  • Will they be exposed or not?
  • What kind of material do you need the supports to be?
  • How fast do you need to install your cables?
  • Do you want this to be a temporary or permanent solution for your cable management?

Even simple loops can hold cable bundles that are up to 5€ in diameter. They can also be tied at pretty much any angle or from beams. At as low as $0.54, you can't beat this deal! If you are looking for more of a permanent solution, be prepared to spend a little bit more, but you'll be getting a lot more for your money. Your best bet would be metal rings, which are easy to run and reduce your overall installation time. They last a long time and provide a high-quality yet still cost-effective, long-lasting solution for cable management.
If you are working on a roof, we have a rooftop support system for securely mounting pipes, cable trays, grated walkways, HVAC equipment, and other applications. They are made of rubber, and durable enough to withstand harsh environments and the elements outdoors. They dependable support piping, conduit, and HVAC equipment without causing any long-term damage to your roof.
Whatever your cable support needs are, we have options. From rooftop conduit supports to overhead cable management to simple ties, we're the place to go for all of your cable management needs.