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Twist Lock Grommet

A self-locking wire or cable management grommet


What's special about these multi purpose grommets?

  • Self-locking onto the back of a surface to prevent fall outs or loose/expanding holes.
  • Encases and protects the wires or cables to prevent knicks, tears and other abrasions.
  • Easy and quick to install without using any tools except your own two hands.
  • Works on all surfaces between 3/8" to 1" thick.
  • Easy to uninstall and relocate to another wall, ceiling, desk top or anywhere.
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Use this grommet in walls, ceilings, floors, workstations, entertainment centers anywhere wires or cables protrude and need to be managed. Simply drill the hole, remove the cap from tube, position the wings inside the collar, turn the tube into the collar to the top of the wings, insert TLG in the hole, push the wings out, pull the tube lightly toward you and slowly turn the tube into the collar until secured using the finger tabs in the tube for the final few turns. Pass wires/cables through the tube and place the cap on. Wires/cables may be passed through the tube before or after installation as desired. From JBL Products, Inc. Proudly made in the USA US flag

Part # IMG Color Drill Hole Size Pass-Thru Inner Diameter Mounting Surface Thickness Price
TLG-796101 White 2-3/8" 1-1/2" 3/8" - 1"
TLG-796118 Black 2-3/8" 1-1/2" 3/8" - 1"
  • Great for computer work stations, entertainment centers, or drywall.
  • Made from High Impact Styrene.
  • Can be mounted on many surfaces including wood, glass, stone and more.
  • Available in black or white check back for other colors soon!
  • Length: 1 1/2″
    Width of outer surface rim: 2 3/4″
    Wire/Cable pass through inner diameter: 1 1/2″
    Material: High Impact Styrene
    Weight: 1.2 OZ
    Mounting surface thickness: 3/8″ – 1″
    Hole saw bit size: 2 3/8″
    Colors: Black, White

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