Why should you choose Techflex® braided sleeving for your trickiest cable management projects?

Well, for starters, braided sleeving is expandable and flexible, so it fits easily over big, bulky connectors. Braided sleeving is great for harnessing and for protecting automotive, aerospace, and electronic wiring, as well as for computers and home stereos. Three generations of family commitment and over fifty years of experience have kept Techflex® at the forefront of their unique industry, with a reputation for unmatched innovation and dedicated customer service. Techflex® offers the cutting edge in effective, user friendly, and aesthetically appealing braided sleeving products. Several different varieties of Techflex® braided sleeving have been specially designed and videoed to resist automotive and aircraft fluids, including gasoline, fuel oil, de-icing fluid, lubrication oil, solvents, and more.

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a wire bundling job that these braided sleeving products aren’t perfect for. For example, in situations where couplings and connectors disallow the use of expandable sleeving, Techflex® offers a perfect solution: Flexo F6, a split constructed self-wrapping sleeving. Enjoy ease of installation with this and a variety of other wrappable sleeving protection options. These innovative products offer the best of both worlds: 360° protection and elimination of the hassle of disconnecting clunky connectors or clamps.

Techflex® sleeving does all that – and does it in style, too! Techflex® products come in a wide variety of colors and materials. Choose from polyethylene, fiberglass, basalt fiber, Mylar®, Teflon®, and Halar® sleeving options. Braided sleeving is sold by the foot or in bulk packaging.




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