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Hand Tools and Tool Storage for Every Job

CableOrganizer.com is the place to find all the cable installation tools and accessories that you need in order to create the ultimate cable management system. Whether you're organizing your cables or working with intensive electrical and mechanical applications, our sets of journeyman and electrician hand tools have all of the pieces that you need to get the job done.

From the expected screwdrivers, pliers, tape, hammers and levels, to the more specialized punchdown tools and wire termination items, we've got the handheld devices to help with just about any application you can think of.

If you are looking for air compressors, you can also find them at CableOrganizer.com.

Top 5 Essential Tools to Have for Every Cable Management Job

When it comes to creating a perfect cable management system, there are some tools that are great to have, and others that are simply essential. No matter if you are trying to get things done around your house, or you have a big electrical project coming up for work, CableOrganizer.com has the tools you need to do things fast, produce quality work, and feel confident about a job well done.

Our Top 5 Tools Everyone Who Works with Cables Should Invest In

    hand tool accessories
  • The basics: screwdrivers, pliers, nuts and bolts. This may sound obvious and you may already have some of these tools, but there are so many variations that one can truly never have enough. From our ratcheted screwdriver that’s perfect for tight spaces to the autoloader, which enables you to change bits in just seconds – the more screwdrivers you have in your collection, the better equipped you will be. Along with that, pliers are always important so that you don’t make your hands raw from trying to get screws out with your bare hands. And without nuts and bolts you would be able to use your screwdriver and pliers, so that is an obvious necessity.

  • Attach cables with ease with guns and tackers. From handing Christmas lights to more serious electrical work, sometimes you need to attach cables to fixtures like walls, ceilings and beams. Manual staple guns are great with broadband cables and larger wires, and are user friendly and easy to control. Our automatic gun allows you to carry around just the one tool, so that you have fewer accessories in your tool box. It is designed with comfort in mind, reducing hand fatigue.

  • Keep things straight and neat with levels. Are you one of those people who can tell when a painting or poster is even just slightly off center? Levels are the key to precision and accuracy that will make you and your clients happy with your work. Our lightweight template and level allows you to layout an accurate cutout for any job without making a mess. For those of you who are into bigger jobs, the self-aligning laser allows you to measure from the ground, so that you can stay balances and have two free hands to do your work.

    screw drivers
  • A comprehensive tool set. Every electrician, handyman, home owner, and apartment dweller needs a decent tool set for when issues come up, which they always inevitably do. From professional technician kits to our 41-piece elaborate tool set that includes all of the electrical wiring tool essentials to make any job – big or small – a breeze.

  • Hand tool accessories to keep your collection in great shape. As with anything, when you invest in it, you also want to get the things you need to keep your collection in the best possible shape. Also, simple accessories can make your job a million times easier. For example, the ProHold magnetic wristband allows you to hold extra screws, drill bits, small tools, and whatever else you need – allowing you to make less trips to the tool box. Support poles allow you to free up your hands and have extra support for working above your hand. Again, it all comes down to efficiency.

Hand Tools Help You Do Any Job You Need to Accomplish

Trust us when we say that investing in the proper tools for your work is a worthwhile investment. In the end, it will save you time, money, and frustration, allowing you to get more work done, and have more free time. We listed our top five hand tools, but there is plenty more to explore well beyond the basics, no matter how specialized and unique your job is.