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Wiring for the protection, insulation, and function of your engine to keep your car running great!

Give the automotive wiring and spark plugs in your engine compartment protection, insulation and a spiffy new look with our automotive-focused cable management items including wire loom, PET expandable braided sleeving, insulated spark plug boot covers, heat shrink and zip ties/tie wraps. When enhancing your classic or custom car, think about raising the level of radiant heat and abrasion protection on headers, wiring and hoses with thermal sleeving and wraps that will keep your car running smoother, longer. Don't forget the heart of your car: the battery! Pick up some battery grounding strips, battery cables and parrot clamps to keep yourself and your car protected.

Get Your Car Organized!

From commutes to running errands to shuttling kids around town, our day-to-day lives require us to spend a lot of time in the car! And we all know what happens to our vehicles when they're constantly in use: they inevitably become clutter on wheels. What starts out as a subtle “lived-in” quality can easily turn into a full-blown junk heap in the back seat. And keeping essentials like cell phones powered when you're constantly on the go can be quite a challenge as well.

But there's hope! It just so happens that we know of a few handy products that can help you maintain order in life… specifically, the segment of your existence that's spent behind the wheel. Read on to learn about some great automotive solutions from…

Pelican Micro Cases

pelican case

Have you recently spend time digging around under the front seats of your car, searching for small items that either slid away or fell between the cracks while you were busy driving from Point A to Point B? If your empty passenger seats and floor mats have become a dumping ground for everything from MP3 players and ID badges to sunglasses and vitamins, you need to think about taking a Pelican Micro case along for the ride!

These hard working little containers combine good looks with a heavy dose of ruggedness: they're crushproof, watertight and feature shock absorbent liners. Whether you toss them into the glove compartment or leave them right next to you on the seat, Pelican Micro cases are perfect for keeping the small stuff protected from scratches and all in one place. 


Cableyoyo and cell phone

The Cableyoyo™ is a sleek-looking and easy to use mini cord reel that's ideal for taking care of extra cord length in cars where there's always a cell phone charging from the cigarette lighter or an iPod plugged into the CD-player. The idea behind this product is simple: wind slack wire around the Cableyoyo™, and it'll be kept concealed and out of your way. If at any point you need to lengthen the amount of exposed cord, no problem: just pull to unwind! Cableyoyo™ also comes with adhesive strips for convenient mounting to smooth surfaces.

Velcro® ONE-WRAP® Cable Wraps

Keep a few of these handy in your glove compartment, and we promise they won't disappoint. Velcro® ONE-WRAP® cable wraps can help you to hold it all together… and we're not just talking about cords. Sure, they're fantastic for keeping the jumper cables in your trunk neatly bundled, but they're also perfect for cinching together pens, toys and other small objects that are running free and cluttering up your car's storage compartments.