DVR Lock Boxes

Your security equipment and CCTV surveillance system is great for protecting property, but it won't protect itself! The solution? Get yourself a DVR enclosure lock box. Security DVR lock boxes keep your DVR recording equipment, and the information stored on it, safe from theft. We offer a secure lock box for any set up, including wall, surface, and rackmount models (for server/IT rooms). From small lock boxes and simple, solid units to vented units with fans and outlets, we've got the lock box to make sure your DVR stays put. If you need a Digital Video Recorder to put in the lockbox, check out our DVR selection.

When Your Security Needs Security Too, Use DVR Lockboxes

Implementing a security and surveillance system on your property is a great step towards securing your assets and keeping yourself safe. Whether it is at home or at your place of work, security systems both deter criminals and help to catch them if they do commit a crime. It is a wonderful tool in making things safer and keeping your bottom line intact.

Now, video cameras aren't the entire part of security and surveillance. Sure, they record the videos, but where do they get stored? The answer to that is DVR or VCRs. This allows you to keep footage stored and play back footage when you need to.

How frustrating would it be if someone were to commit a crime, and you thought you had them caught on camera, only to realize the evidence is gone! The answer is extremely infuriating! Prevent this from happening with DVR Lock Boxes.

Benefits of DVR Lockboxes

The benefits of DVR lockboxes are plenty. For starters, they keep your recordings safe and secure to ensure that when you need them, they are there. Other benefits of DVR lockboxes include:

  • They offer maximum protection against tampering
  • They come with enough space to store switches and accessories
  • They come in different sizes for different systems
  • They provide maximum security yet are easily accessible for people who should have access
  • Some come with effective thermal management

Those are just a few of the examples that show how beneficial DVR lock boxes can be. If you are taking the steps to secure your home or work space with a surveillance system, it pays off to take the next step and secure your footage too. Right now, it may not seem like you need it. However, when the time comes, it will be priceless!