Cable Clips, Hooks, Bundlers

If you're looking for an economical, simple way to route a few cables, this is the place to be. We carry a large selection of large and small cable clips, hooks, ties and more. Here you'll find cord control clips that are simple, can stick to surfaces and get your cables where they need to be without minimal time and effort. Perhaps you have a bunch of cables that need to be bundled and supported through an extended aerial run? We have affordable, easy-to-use products that will ensure your cables stay together and pointed in the right direction.

Keep Your Cables On the Right Route!

Sometimes we all need a little assistance to stay on the right route. For humans, that means GPS. For cables, that means clips, hooks, bundlers, and other tools. Even with the best intentions, cables and wires can easily sneak out of place and create an unmanageable mess that's hard to work with and even harder to look at. has a great selection of inexpensive and easy ways to make sure your wires stay put.

Cables and Wires Don't Have to Be On the Floor

Grip Cable Tie
Most people have their cables running along the floor, hidden behind furniture and appliances. You can easily switch things up by using cable clips and mounts to firmly secure wiring off of the floor. We offer everything from adhesive cable and wire clips to magnetically attached cable clips that allow you to secure cables to a variety of surfaces.


To make things even easier for you, there are cord clips that fasten onto smooth surfaces like desk spaces, keeping your appliances tangle-free, organized, and geared up and ready for use. They are perfect for spaces like office desks and even home theaters, to keep everything you need organized and ready to use at a moment's notice. They are available in different colors to blend right in with the background you have them in.


More Unique and Efficient Ideas for Cable Organization

Did you know you can have some fun with cable organization too? Perfect for kids, or anyone who wants to add a little pep to their cables, our animal wire fasteners are cute and affordable. They are available in 30 different designs too - from dogs and cats to whales and sharks.


If you want to keep things a little more serious, you may want to check out our hooks and rings that come in a variety of colors and finishes and are multi-purpose. From storing your keys to organizing cables (or both), there is something guaranteed to fit your needs. If you are concerned about the surface you are working with - no worries! We have adhesive back hooks, super easy-to-install cable rings that are strut ready and do not require clamps, and even drive rings that are corrosion-resistant and secure to walls, wood framing, and utility poles.
Animal clips for wires

Cable Routing Elevates Your Space

No matter if you are shopping for your office, home, or an industrial space, cable clips, hooks, and bundlers will help to keep you organized while keeping your space looking neat. Not to mention, securing your wiring always helps to keep cables steady - meaning less wear and tear and danger of electrical fires. It also keeps guests safe by keeping loose cables out of the way of foot traffic.