About Shurtape Technologies®

​​​​​​​Your trusted supplier of HVAC tape, heavy-duty duct tape, packaging tape and more. Shurtape offers a full portfolio of pressure sensitive tapes designed to deliver exceptional performance and superior results.

Founded in 1977 to service the motion picture and theatrical industries in New York City, Pro Tapes® quickly grew to be the largest manufacturer and innovator of premium tape products designed specifically for use in the Arts & Entertainment industry in the United States.Building on its success in the Arts & Entertainment industry, Pro Tapes® has developed into one of the world’s largest specialty tape converters and manufacturers, servicing customers and markets in countries all over the globe. During its time in business, Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc.® has evolved into a full range supplier of pressure sensitive tapes servicing a variety of markets, such as Graphic Arts, Library and School supply, Precision Die-cutting & Fabricating, Contract & Custom Converting, Retail and General Industrial.

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