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Safety Equipment

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Workplace Safety

When you're working a job that involves close proximity to high-voltage electricity or long hours on your feet, it's crucial that you protect yourself and your employees from workplace hazards like electric shock, electrocution, arc flash, repetitive motion injury, and joint fatigue.

At, we offer an extensive line of personal protective equipment (PPE), protective eyewear, flash protection hoods, lockout/tagout kits, insulated hand tools, ergonomic floor mats, and crowd control equipment. These smart investments help keep your workplace up to code, prevent on-the-job injuries, and can even save lives. For information on how you can prevent on-the-job accidents and injuries, check out our workplace safety articles in the Learning Center.

Safety Equipment Protects Your Employees and Customers

No matter what industry you work in, from a big industrial environment to a small and cozy office, having work safety equipment in place on some level is always necessary. Whether you are directing traffic or protecting foot traffic from tripping over cables, taking safety measures reduces workplace industries and your liability all at once. carries a huge variety of personal and work safety equipment no matter what your needs are. Some of our categories include:

  • Traffic Safety
  • Industrial Safety
  • Flashing Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Emergency Signs
  • American Disability Act Compliance
  • Storm Preparedness
It is easy to see how so many of these are valuable to a broad range of industries. Let’s dive a little deeper into each to see how they can help you and your business.

Traffic Safety

If you have traffic either in your work place – like for example in a construction zone or around your workplace like a parking lot – you need safety. Taking simple measures will ensure that you will avoid pedestrian accidents, vehicle accidents, and make sure people are complying with the rules of your space. Column and wall and corned protectors keep your place from getting scuffed up in high-traffic areas. Speed bumps help to make sure people are sticking to the right speed limit. Ramps and dock plates allow your employees to easily transport heavy and bulky items where they need to without injury.

Industrial Safety

When working in an industrial setting, there is usually more danger present than say in a regular business office. You can protect your network, yourself, and your employees with safety and security items. The first thing to protect against is fire, and we have the flame-resistant cabinets to keep things like important documents safe. Also, it prevents unauthorized access. If you work with dangerous materials, we have pesticide safety enclosures, acid and corrosive storage cabinets, and HAZ-MAT safety cabinets to keep all these materials in the right place. The last thing you want is for the wrong person to get access to these potentially dangerous materials and get injured. Keep them locked up safe!

Flashing Equipment and Lighting

Working with electrical equipment carries certain dangers no matter how careful you are. Protect yourself and your employees with electrical safety equipment like gloves that fit snugly onto your hand – making it easy to work yet providing protection from a sudden arc flash. Having the right lighting in your workplace can help you work more efficiently. It can also help to keep dark places like hallways and parking lots lit up and safer for your employees. We carry a wide variety of different lights to use in almost any industry, for any situation.

Emergency Signs

Emergency exit signs and lighting are not only a safety measure but is mandated by OSHA safety requirements. In the event that something happens at your facility, it is essential that employees and patrons alike can still see where the closest exit is. Make sure that all escape routes in your office, store, or facility are well lit and easy to find. Each doorway should have a clear exit sign, and directions pointing the way to it so it can easily be found even if it is not visible from a certain spot in the facility.

American Disability Act Compliance

ADA compliance, like having emergency signage, isn’t just a nice thing to have, but a necessary one. There are plenty of low-profile options for cable connectors, cord covers, ramps, and rail systems that provide a safe way to cross cables, etc for people in wheelchairs and pedestrians alike.

Storm Preparedness

As a company based in South Florida, we know all about storms, and the importance of being prepared. Storm Ready Kits can literally be your savior during stormy weather, when the rest of your power goes out. Our kit helps to protect against fungus and rot, and extension cords help eliminate the risk of running heavy-duty extension cords from a generator.