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IDEAL Electrical was founded in 1916, and continues to create reliable products manufactured in the US. Makers of all manner of electrical solutions from strippers and crimpers to connectors and testers, IDEAL is a worldwide force in the electrical tools and components arena. Found in industries ranging from aerospace to construction to networking and energy, IDEAL creates innovative products for the professional.

cut, strip and crimp ethernet cable with Ideal Telemaster Tool 30-496

The History of IDEAL Industries

Ideal Industries

How do you start a company that will one day be known as a global leader in networking tools and electrical testers? Launch a commutator dresser from your mother's kitchen in Chicago, Illinois, and then develop and manufacture a product that remains an Electrical Industry must-have for close to a century. At least, that’s how IDEAL Industries founder J. Walter Becker did it back in 1916.

Eight years after he began what was then known as the IDEAL Commutator Dresser Company of Chicago, Becker moved his business operations to a new headquarters and manufacturing facility in nearby Sycamore, Illinois. Just two years after that, IDEAL Industries forever changed the electrical industry with the introduction screw-on Wire-Nut® Wire Connectors, which to this day have saved electricians countless work hours by eliminating the time-consuming solder and tape splicing method.

Over 80 years after the development of the Wire-Nut®, innovation is still a hallmark of IDEAL Industries. Though the company was originally founded to serve the electrical industry, as technology has rapidly advanced, so has IDEAL, to the point that they're now a leading developer and manufacturer of network cable testers, installation tools and project consumables, including fish tape, wire pulling lubricant,heat guns, wire strippers, and installer tool kits.

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