Cable Identification Tags

Never agonize over which cord to unplug again! Plastic tags, ties and pipe markers are perfect for convenient labeling of cables and wires. Adjustable size allows for tagging of many different gauges or bundles of cables. We offer ties, pre-printable or customizable blank options, and thermal varieties are available for extreme environments and temperatures.

How Cable Identification Tags Can Make Your Life Easier

Raise your hand if you have ever been in this situation: You're at your desk and need to unplug one of your monitors, but accidentally pull the plug to your entire computer. An hour's worth of work is gone in an instant. You're stuck while the computer re-starts and now you need to stay after hours to meet your deadline.

Well, if you have been there, you know that it is an unpleasant situation that could have easily been prevented if you only took your time finding the right wire. You wouldn't have even had to worry about taking your time if you had one of's handy cable identification tags that would tell you right off the bat which wire belongs to what.

From the Simple and Mundane to the Big and Bold

prelabeled ID tags

For the office worker, a great way to avoid predicaments like the one described above is to invest in our Kableflags Cable Identification Tags. They are super simple and easy to use, and flawlessly mark and identify cables so that you know what belongs where. You can even choose from different pre-printed configurations like entertainment, computer cables, and home theater and easily pop the labels right on your cables. If you prefer to customize them yourself, you can also order blank labels.

Cable Identification Tags Can Help Big Electrical Projects Too

Cable tags and ties can help anyone who works or lives with an area that has lots of wires. In today's world, that is probably almost everybody. However, they can also be a great and helpful tool for people working with electrical work, to make big-scale jobs go faster and smoother.

thermal transfer id plates

For example, the Panduit Thermal Transfer Marker Plates are element-resistant ID plates that make great labels that can withstand the cold, heat, and even humid and wet conditions. They neatly organize and identify your cable run, and are especially helpful for large diameter cables and wires. These are a great option for working out in the field, and even for working in a place where your cables might be exposed to the elements.

Cable ties like the Panduit Sta-Strap Releasable Marker Ties not only help you to identify labels, but also allow you to bundle them together to keep them all together. They are also easy to release when needed for removal or modification, and are available in indoor and outdoor materials.

Cable Tags Are Worth It!

Cable ID tags may seem like an unnecessary extra step, but trust us - they will make your life a ton easier in the long run! Taking a few moments to label your cables will shave precious time and frustration down the line when you can do things fast and at maximum efficiency.