Computer Workstations

From simple workstations to high end command desks, we've got plenty of furniture options for your office, home, or computer room, many with built-in cable management systems and multiple configurations to customize to your liking. We've also got workbenches, media carts, storage cabinets, shelving units, chairs, and even a desk with a built-in server rack. We have solutions for your IT labs, classrooms, warehouses, training facilities - wherever a comfortable, organized workspace is desired.

The Right Computer Workstation Sets the Tone for Success

When you start a new job, it's natural to wonder what kind of environment you will be working in. Will you have a cubicle? Your own office? What kind of desk and supplies will you have? A million questions that won't be answered until you begin your first day. On that first day, no matter what your workstation looks like, you're most likely going to spend some time organizing and rearranging things to best suit your needs and make you as productive as possible.
If you are lucky enough to be building your own workstation, has a number of furniture options for your home, office, or computer room. From simple models to high end command desks, we have options that can be customized for your personal needs.

Finding the Right Computer Workstation

When building your custom work station, it is important to think ahead about what you will need. For example, here are a few questions to begin with:

  • What kind of devices will you use?
  • How many plugs do you think you will need?
  • Where is the workstation going to be set up?
  • Who is going to be using it?
  • What kind of storage do you need?

Options of computer stations range from simple to complex, and we also offer handy cabinets that are strong and secure and allow you to organize files and other supplies, and ergonomic chairs that are designed for comfort during long-term seating.

Computer Workstation Staff Favorites

We asked our staff which desks were the best for simple to complex use, and here is the rundown of the top three.

  • The Kendall Howard Advanced Table is a great, affordable option for classroom, office, or home use. It is available in a number of finishes and can accommodate up to two users! This workstation is customizable, allowing you to decide whether you need things like keyboard trays, computer holders, ganging brackets and desk outlets.
  • The BlueLounge Studio Desk boasts a neat, clean, and modern look with uncompromising functionality. It is perfect for a laptop and is equipped with a built-in storage compartment for cable management, and has a sliding desktop surface for instant access to your cable system.
  • The Middle Atlantic Command Desk is a considerably larger computer workstation that is extremely versatile! You can mount additional models to accommodate people and supplies as needed. You can also choose the specific configuration you need to best fit your work space. Additionally, it assembles easily in minutes!

Your work station can make or break your productivity, so take the time to answer questions about what it is you are looking for and make sure you get exactly what you need to boost your talents and skill set.