Removable Desk Outlets

These power and data solutions bring connectivity to your desk or table top without having to permanently alter your furniture surface with a large cutout or screw holes. These distribution centers mount under the desk, on the edge of the desktop, or simply rest on the surface, and many are non-permanent and require no tools for installation. Eliminate clutter and trip hazards without having to damage or alter your work surface. AC Power, USB, data Ethernet ports and more can be conveniently accessed within arm's reach with no messy set up.

Removable Desk Outlets Add Connectivity When You Need It

The more gadgets that come out, the more power and data connections are needed. In an ideal world, entire walls would be covered in outlets, but that would be a wiring nightmare and also not very nice to look at. Good thing that removable desk outlets exist, because they serve as the perfect solution for adding convenience and versatility to your work station.

Desktop outlet

Removable Desk Outlets Are Perfect for Versatile Environments

Some days you may need to connect just one item, and others you may have multiple people in the office who are all competing to plug their laptops into the wall at the same time. Rather than live through that struggle, you can have removable outlets on-hand to accommodate everyone and every appliance that is needed.


With many models, there is also no need to choose between using an outlet for charging or your USB device, because they come built with both. Conveniently, this same model has a clamp mounting system so that your desk area does not need to be permanently altered in any way. When you no longer need it, there is no trace that it was ever there!


Other models allow you to have connectivity at your work station and a neat look at the same time because they are hidden under the desk. As with all of them, there is no impact on the work surface and no need for holes to be drilled or cut into the surface. If a simple power and data addition is all you are looking for, the ideal model is one that simply sits on your desk and brings power and Ethernet connectivity right to your laptop and other devices. It's a simple way of making sure you always have additional power outlets within arm's length.


If you know you will be needing a bigger source of power for more devices from time to time, the Wonderbar Power Center, which you can either purchase pre-configured, or have it customized to fit your exact needs. To top it off, it has a sleek design and just like all the others, requires no permanent alteration to your desk space. It's perfect for home or office where a lot of devices are in use!


See You Later, Power Cords!

Sure, power cords are great and do the trick. However, they can also cause a lot of clutter and tripping hazards in the home or office. Getting tangled up in wires is no fun - besides the potential of injury, you usually end up unplugging something important and scrambling to plug the right thing back into the right place. Removable desk outlets provide a much more simple, convenient, and safe solution.