Wire Markers

Wide variety of wire markers: customizable booklets, dispensers, and tags for labeling cables and wires. Available in several varieties including self-laminating and heat shrinkable styles. Perfect for labeling cables in your home or office, so you never get confused about which plug to pull ever again!

Wires Need Not Be a Mystery with Wire Markers

Trying to find the right wire you need in a heavy cable-traffic area can be a nightmare. Differentiating a computer cable from a light power cord can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. Similarly, if you are working with a lot of high-powered cables, it is important to know which is which not just to make your life easy but also to keep you safe.
No matter what your situation, wire markers help you to easily distinguish which cable belongs to what device. Not only that, but you can even add small notes for other people who may be handling the wires. No matter what, it is a simple step to take and one that will make your life a hundred times less complex!

Wire Markers Prevent Mix-Ups

Cable identification tags
Wire markers make things clear for you and anyone who may be handling them. Prevent issues like lost work on your computer from accidentally unplugging your computer cable before you have saved your work. Some things need to have a constant supply of power, so likewise it is important that people know not to unplug the wrong wire.
There are so many scenarios where things could be prevented by just taking two minutes to place some wire markers on your cables. From generators to telephone lines and things like fish tanks and important health devices, you can clearly label what is what so that anyone who comes across them knows what they belong to and how to handle them.

Different Styles of Wire Markers

For your convenience, CableOrganizer.com offers a number of different wire markers to suit any of your needs. From customizable booklets and dispensers, to wire tags, we have a variety that is available in self laminating and heat shrinkable styles. Here are our categories and why they are awesome!

  • Printable Sheets are so easy to use that anyone can do it! We have options that allow you to print right from your home computer, even blank labels that you can use in a laser printer, and port and faceplate designation labels that are ideal for identifying ports.
  • Pre-printed labels are a no-brainer for anyone who is looking to easily label or number code cables. These come with all numbers from 1-10, and they slide onto cables by avoiding connectors and plugs so that they are super easy to install. Additionally, they have no adhesive so they won't leave behind a sticky mess.
  • Write-on label sheets are the perfect option to have around in case you need to quickly identify something that you are coming back to after. All you need to do to use them is jot down what you need! They are pre-cut and Self-Laminating, and can easily be transported in a tool box or even in your pocket.

Taking just a few minutes to label your wires will make your life easier, as well as the lives of your family members and coworkers. So, don't cut corners - you'll only end up regretting it in the future. Take a few moments to get your cables and wiring correctly labeled!