Statement To Our Customers

A letter to our valued customers,

We are happy to announce that CableOrganizer® is better than ever in 2020!


We are under completely new ownership and management with the drive and determination to work hard to get our customers the products they need. We are proud to tell you that no investment bankers pull the strings and that the new team is 100% engaged in the logistics of bringing you the right products for your job when you need them and at the right prices. Sometime in 2019 the investment company that previously owned decided it didn’t want to operate the site anymore and began a reorganization. They didn’t fully understand the importance and passion that true cable management fanatics have for quality products.® was then purchased on January 7, 2020. We believe we have what it takes to earn back your business and prove to you that® is the best it’s ever been. Investment bankers work for their investors. We work our tails off for our customers!!

The Back Story:® was founded back in 2002 to provide top quality cable management products to millions of customers on the web. Its founders grew the company to offer over 100,000 products from the best names in their fields like, Panduit®, Checkers®, Techflex®, Ideal®, and many more. In 2007® was even honored to be in the top 500 fastest growing privately held companies list.

In 2013 the company was sold to a Florida based investment company which operated it till 2019. During this short period of time, this group faltered in its management of the operation and, in December of 2019 they decided to pause order processing and reorganize their finances.

The Promise:

The new and improved® will have a revitalized focus on quality. The best experiences are built with passion for great products and great processes. The new team at® knows what it takes, and they are ready to prove it to you.

Please reach out to us with your feedback. We will not be satisfied until all of our customers feel that we’ve earned a 5-star rating!