Acme 75A Staple Gun For NM Building Wire

UL Listed Staple System


What's special about this staple gun?

  • Patented design will not crush or damage cables and wires
  • The unique "single staple installation" for NM 14/2 and 12/2 requires 50% fewer staples.
  • Lower operating cost saves you up 40% compared to the competition
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UL Classified

Acme's 75A Staple Gun is a fully redesigned system that speeds up installation and eliminates costly overhead usually associated with large broadband cable and NM Building wire installations.

ALWAYS verify all wire/cable diameters PRIOR to stapling due to manufacturers varying wire specifications.
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Staples compatible with Acme 75A Staple Gun
Part # Material Leg Length Box Qty Price
ASC-652126R Resin Coated Stainless Steel 5/8" 1,000
Quick Ship
ASC-652132R Resin Coated Stainless Steel 7/8" 1,000
Quick Ship
ASC-652162 Romex 9/16" 1,000
Quick Ship

Many local codes will permit the use of the UL Listed non-insulated staples driven by the 75A as an alternative to hammer-in insulated staples, because the unique staple driving system of the 75A will not damage or sever building wire and delicate cables.

  • Uses UL listed staples that meet today’s US and Canadian standards and building codes.
  • Reduces staple installation time by more than 300%
  • Ergonomic high-visibility safety yellow “Sure-Grip” handles and integral hand-stop offer year-round comfort and safety.
  • C UL listed file E210482
  • Manufacturer lifetime limited warranty


ALWAYS verify all wire/cable diameters PRIOR to stapling due to manufacturers varying wire specifications.

Maximum Wire and Cable Diameter up to 1/2" (13mm)
Available Leg Lengths:
For NM Building Wire:
9/16”, 5/8”, 7/8” (14,16, 22mm)
5/8” NM, 7/8” NM
NM Building Wire
- Use UL Listed staples -
14/2, 14/3, 12/2, 12/3, 10/3, Twin 14/2 & 12/2, & 14/2 with 14/3
Coaxial Cable Twin RG59/62
Siamese Cable Various
Bundles of smaller wires


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