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Get the Right Tools for Any Job

Having the right equipment doesn't mean much if you haven't got the right tools to install it. Lucky for you, in addition to having the right products for your cable management, electrical and networking needs, we've also got the right implements to help you set it all up. 

We've got everything from hand tools to power tools, punchdown tools to hole cutters. We've got sensors, scanners, safety equipment, and lighting. We've got cases, boxes and bags to store it all. And we've got kits and sets if you want to save time and get everything you need, all in one place.

Our massive selection includes high quality rugged tools from trusted brands such as Greenlee®, Gardner Bender®, Klein Tools®, Milwaukee® and more. From a simple screwdriver to install a receptacle to a brick-busting hammer drill, we've got everything you'll need to finish your projects.

Don't Let Yourself Be Caught Without the Right Tools and Cases!

Showing up to a job with all the right equipment but none of the right tools and cases is like showing up to a party with a birthday cake but no plates and utensils. In both situations, you'll get the job done, but it will be a messy challenge to do so.

It's a predicament that is easy to avoid. not only has the best products for cable management, but we also have the tools you need to set things up perfectly. From hand held tools to power tools, to sensors, testing instruments, heating tools, and beyond, we have what it takes to complete your job fast and well. And, we didn't overlook the details, offering a wide variety of flashlights, cleaning products, and storage.

Tools and Cases Will Make Your Job Easier

Coax Compression Tool

Have you ever gotten to a job site, or even picked up a project at your home, and it gets delayed or even forgotten about because you don't have the right tool you need? We sure have. Something as simple as hanging a painting can become impossible if you don't have a hammer! When it comes to more complex jobs that involve wiring and cables, not having the right tools will make everything come to a grinding halt.

If per chance you can figure out a way to get your job done without the right tools, you will likely spend a lot more time and effort than necessary to get the job done. Plus, your finished product just won't be as nice.

5 Tools That Will Become a Necessary Part of Your Arsenal

  • Sensors and Scanners to Help You Find Where Work Needs to Be Done. If you can't find what you need to work on, you'll have a tough time getting started. Unless you have the special talent of x-ray vision, you'll need sensors and scanners to pinpoint where the job needs to start. Otherwise, you may end up with unnecessary holes in the wall, an angry client (or wife) and having to shell out money for repairs.
  • Testing Instruments To Verify Your Job is Done Right. Identifying a problem, being able to pinpoint where it originates, and fixing it is a sign that you are doing your job well. Our variety of testing equipment takes the guess work out of faulty wiring so that you can identify the source fast and nip the problem in the bud.
  • Hand Held Tools For Everyone. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom who needs to tighten the cabinet locks for child safety, or a heavy-duty electrician constantly working at job sites, hand tools are a necessity. From screwdrivers, screws, and pliers to levels, caulking guns, and termination kits – having the right tools on hand, literally, is a must for everyone!
  • Power Tools Add Some Strength To Your Work. These fall into the category of tools you wanted to play with as a kid but your parents wouldn't let you. Similar to hand tools, these pack a little more punch and power to get jobs done fast and well. After all, there is only so much power a person can put behind a hand tool!
  • Hand Held Tools
  • Tool Storage Keeps Tools In Place. It may seem basic, but storing your tools correctly will save you a lot of time. It will ensure that things stay in one place, stay organized, and also that they stay safe. Once you have collected all the tools you need for work, more than likely there will be a lot of them. It is so much easier to just keep them all together and neat.


There you have it! Tools and Cases are a great and necessary investment for almost every person out there, even if you are just doing a little work around your home. While jobs may be possible without them, we guarantee you will be thrilled at the efficiency of using the right tools meant for the job at hand.