Termination & Connectors

If you need to terminate your wires and/or splice them together, you've come to the right place. Our selection of wire connectors features plenty of options, including winged and non-winged, twist-on, push-in, and even transparent connectors to allow for post-connection inspection. We also have metal lugs for compression and grounding applications. And of course, our termination products conform to strict UL and CSA standards.

Just Call Yourself the Terminator with These Cable Termination Tools

All good things have to end, and that includes wires. You can't just leave a wire hanging without proper cable termination or connection, so we've got the tools you need to join, connect, or terminate wires when you need to. We have so many that we've broken them up into four separate categories:

Twist-on Connectors

Twist on wire connectors are used to connect two or more electrical wires together. They are available in many different styles, sizes, and shapes and are usually made of plastic, while the connection is usually a metal insert that threads onto wires and holds them together. We have many options, including ones that are flame-retardant, ones that meet specific requirements based on your needs, and ones for different numbers of wires, with springs, and improved comfort and grip.

Splice Connectors

Splice connectors take away the need to strip wires by using insulation displacement technology. They are super east to use and save you lots of time. They are designed to support either stranded or solid wires, and install nearly twice as fast as traditional splicers. Simply put, splice connectors are easy, quick, and reliable.


A lug is another electrical connector that provides high-quality electrical termination. We have a variety of different ones from the simple that are compatible with both copper and aluminum conductors, and ones that are specifically designed to work in and around water.

Push Connectors

Push connectors for wires are designed to join two or more wires together and insulate the connections. We offer variations that are color-coded for easy identification that support electrical wiring of 600V and lighting fixtures or signage up to 1000V. Either way you go, they are certainly secure and convenient. As with everything, it comes down to figuring out what kind of wires and electricity you are working with and what variation is best for you. Take the time to browse through out four categories, and if you need more information about one of our products, our product specialists are always standing by to help!