Desk Grommets


By: CableOrganizer®

Desk grommets are a great way to organize cables and route them through tabletops, desks or other furniture. They protect cables from abrasion by giving them a smooth surface to rub against and direct them where they need to go through their openings. But which style of grommet is right for your application? There's a wide variety of sizes and styles available in the desk grommet landscape, so which one should you choose? Is your priority economy, protection, aesthetics, or convenience? Let's dig a little deeper into what sets grommets apart from each other, so that we might narrow down your choices.




square grommet

Grommets come in many different shapes and sizes, including round, rectangular and oval. When choosing your shape, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. For example, how handy are you? You'll need to cut a hole in whatever piece of furniture will accommodate your grommet, so keep that in mind when choosing your grommet. There are rectangular grommets, oval grommets and circular grommets. Circular grommet holes are best cut with a hole cutter, while rectangular holes can but accomplished with a standard saw. For an oval grommet, you may want to use a combination of both

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your grommet's shape: how many cables need to fit through the hole you're creating? A rectangular or oval grommet will typically be able to handle more cables than a circular style opening. The openings of many circular grommets are made to accommodate a single cable, so you'll want to consider that when deciding on a shape.




brush grommet

The most common opening style for desk grommets is a U-shaped slot on one side, but that is by no means the only opening style available. Depending on your needs and your budget, there are several types of opening styles to consider. There's the flexible opening, for example, that resembles a sliced pie with flaps that open to allow you to direct multiple cables as you see fit. There are hinged-top grommets and grommets with sliding tops that can close or open when desired, and even brush grommets that give some extra protection and help keep cables in place even when disconnected. Brush grommets are a bit pricier, so factor that into your thinking.





metal grommet

Yet another thing to consider when grommet shopping: material. Most desk grommets are plastic, but you can also find metal or even wood-like grommets in plastic if you like. Why opt for a non-plastic grommet?

One reason is that metal grommets are more durable than plastic grommets. But a big part is simply aesthetics. Wood-like grommets can match the décor of your room or the finish of your desktop, and metal grommets feature different stylish finishes that provide a touch of elegance that many may find lacking in a plastic grommet.