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Testing Makes Perfect

Let's say you've got a network, or a home theater, or a surveillance CCTV system all hooked up and ready to go. You turn everything on and...nothing happens. What went wrong? How do you even begin to know? What if there were Some way to test your system to make sure it was going to work, and identify the cause of issues so that they could be corrected?

There is, of course, such a way: Testers. Network testers, fiber optic testers, CCTV testers, and more. Many of them perform a variety of tests to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch once you flip the proverbial switch. In fact, many testers can be used during the actual installation to identify and solve problems as they happen, so you don't end up looking foolish when the time comes to unveil your installation.

Walk Away From Your Work with Confidence Using Testers

Testing your work is just as important as making sure the job is done correctly. For example, a car manufacturer wouldn’t put out a new SUV without extensively testing it first, and making sure that any and all kinks are worked out. Similarly, when you install new cables and wiring, you don’t want to walk away from the job without making sure everything is in perfect working order.

It can be really frustrating to spend a lot of time on a cable and wiring project and to try to turn a piece of equipment on once it is done – only to find out that it doesn’t work. You will ask yourself, where on earth is the problem?! Well, testing equipment and instruments help unearth hidden issues quickly and easily.

Benefits of Test Equipment and Instruments

Network testers
  1. You will be able to get right to the source of the problem. If something doesn’t work, clearly you need to figure out the root of the issue. Whether you are installing a professional network for a customer, simply looking for issues in your cable runs, or looking to do something specific like upgrade a Lantek 6A or 7G cable certifier to include Alien Crosstalk testing, you will be able to figure things out that you wouldn’t be able to do with the naked eye, and even upgrade certain certifications.
  2. You will be able to see problems that may not be immediately apparent. When you are installing your work, you can decrease your labor time by mapping multiple locations at once, performing a number of essential tests to make sure your cables are working precisely. Tools take the headache out of testing and allow you to be more efficient and face fewer challenges in the long run.
  3. Your work will be more precise. Cable tracing is significantly important in getting work started and keeping it moving. After all, if you don’t know where your cables are, your only other choice would be to destroy the walls or floors and find them manually. Well, forget all that. Tone tracing tools let you quickly locate cable locations on jacks and even straight through walls. 
  4. You will be able to certify cables. From LAN testing to copper and fiber testing, industry standards must be met. It is much better to find out about an issue while you are doing your installation than after, when you would have to take all of your work apart and figure out what needs replacement. Investing in these tools ensures you are doing your job just as well or even better than the best in the industry, and will certainly prevent future headache.

Save Yourself Time and Effort with Testers

Since our school days, we have always been taught to go over our work thoroughly before we submit it. Fast forward to the real world, and testers help you do just that with your electrical work. As the expression goes, always make sure to “dot your i’s and cross your t’s” in your cable work with testers, and walk away with the confidence of knowing your work will perform without a single fault.