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By: CableOrganizer®

Stop Drowning In A Sea of Messy Cables


These days, we're all connected, and while more and more technologies are going wireless, there are still plenty of cables to go around. And with so many cables and cords connecting to so many different devices, it doesn't take long before you're being consumed in a sea of tangle wires.

Thankfully, we have cable management ideas that will take care of all your needs. Call them "cable organizers" if you like. In fact, this is the only place on earth where you can find cute cable clips with animal faces on them and industrial braided sleeving that works in 2000° F. We checked! Of course, we also have plenty in between, otherwise that would be a bit weird.

So, whether you're outfitting the home, office, or industrial facility, we are sure you'll find a solution that fits your application. From raceway (one of the best secret cable management ideas) to cable trays for routing bundles overhead and underfloor. From heat shrink for sealing and termination, to just about every kind of tie, wrap, clip, clamp, fastener, and winder you can imagine, to wrap around your cables, or wrap your cables around.




Welcome to the home of cable management! Whether you're outfitting the home, garage, office space or industrial facility, we can help you find the perfect cable management solution for your needs. From braided sleeving to heat shrink, to just about every kind of tie, wrap, clip, clamp, fastener, and binder you can imagine. Keep your wires, cables and hoses organized with our extensive selection of products.



One of cable management's best kept secrets! Sleek and discrete, cable raceway is designed to protect, route, and conceal wires and cables. We offer a number of specialized varieties, including latching raceway, J channels raceway and sliding channel raceway from trusted brands like WireRun™ , Panduit® , and Wiremold® .


By the way, in cable management parlance, a raceway is essentially any rigid and enclosed or semi-enclosed channel. Just something to impress your friends with.




braided sleeving

Cable sleeving is one of the most efficient (and stylish!) solutions for organizing and protecting cables and wires. We stock a wide variety of cable sleeving - from braided sleeving, to wire loom and conduit, to spiral wrap.

Braided sleeving by Techflex® is a particularly popular choice for versatile, full-coverage protection. From general purpose PET wrap for home cable management to specialized, heat-resistant fiberglass for automotive, military, and even aerospace, Techflex® has a braided sleeving solution for just about everything.




cable tray system

When you need to run high quantities of power or data cables overhead or underfloor, a cable tray system is the perfect solution. Known as baskets, trunking and cable ladders, cable tray systems route and provide support for long lengths of cables. Browse a variety of options from popular brands like Snake Tray® and WireRun™ .






A wire duct unit is, essentially, a durable wire trough that facilitates easy organization, pulling, and separation of cables. Wire duct is perfect for protecting sensitive electrical wiring from debris, dust and other external contaminants. We stock a comprehensive collection, from simple solid wall ducts by WireRun™ and to high capacity Versi-Duct® systems by Leviton® .






One of our most popular products, heatshrink is designed to contract under controlled application of heat from a heating agent like a heat gun. Once shrunk, the tubing will permanently hold its new form. It is typically used to provide sealing, termination, insulation, and/or strain relief for wires or cables. Check out 3M®'s incredible variety of colors, perfect for color coding or just adding some style to any network setup! For specialized options like high-frequency EMI shielding, browse our collection of Shrinkflex by Techflex® .





hose carries

Running power cables and hoses through automated machinery creates risk of tangles, snags, and even breakage. That's where cable and hose carriers come in. Collectively known as 'cable tracks', cable and hose carriers guide cables and hoses through machinery, maintaining organization and ensuring that cables do not exceed their bend radius. Our cable and hose carriers - from top brands like Gortrac® and Igus® - are specially designed to withstand abrasion and stress associated with manufacturing environments.





support systems

When building an entire cable tray system just isn't practical, opt for one of our more flexible cable support solutions. Loops, saddles, bridle rings (both bare metal and PVC coated) and J hooks - just to name a few - provide key support in the areas you need it most. Cable support solutions keep your wires and cables suspended in a simple, adjustable fashion. Arlington and "Cooper B-Line are two of our favorites!





cable ties

Simple, economical and effective, cables ties are an invaluable tool for everyone, from the DIY hobbyist to the professional contractor. High tensile strength and ease of use make cable ties a go-to solution for bundling and securing wires and cables. We have a great selection for you to browse, including classic nylon zip ties to stainless steel ties by top brand ACT® .






Keep your wires and cables fastened with our collection of wraps, clips, hooks, bundlers, and clamps. We stock everything from simple wraps for managing headphone wires to professional electrical wire clamps for bundling and routing in tricky environments. Some of our favorite brand choices include sturdy Mag Daddy™ , stylish BlueLounge® and ultra-convenient Belkin™.





hook and loop

Reusable and adjustable, our hook-and-loop style wraps are a great solution for keeping wires, cords, and even hoses organized and secure. You may use VELCRO® as a catch-all for these types of fasteners, but nothing beats the classic brand itself - and we have tons of VELCRO® Brand wraps for you to choose from.





cable bundlers

Maintain organization and keep cable bundles neat and untangled with our cable bundle organizational tools. They're especially helpful when dealing with extra-long bundles!







Keep your extension and power cords under control with our cord reels and winders. We stock a variety of options from top brands like ReelCraft® and Rack-A-Tiers® , so whether you need a heavy-duty winder that can handle thousands of feet of industrial cable or a small retractable cord reel for personal use, you'll be able to find it here.





fabric cord covers

Flexible, functional, and ultra-discrete, fabric cord covers eliminate tripping hazards and keep wires and cables secure and protected. From decorative cable sashes to sturdy zipper sleeve braided covers, we have a fabric cord cover for every environment.