Bench Mount Hot Knife - 110V

Heavy duty components and long lasting 2-1/2" blade


What's special about this Bench Mount Hot Knife?

  • 110 volt operation
  • Heavy duty components and heavy gauge 2-1/2" blade
  • Can quickly slice through ropes, braided sleeving, webbing, or plastic.
  • Gives you a quick precision cut and seals the ends at the same time to prevent fraying.
  • Heats to 1,112°F/600°C in 30 seconds
  • Easily and securely mounts using just a screwdriver and four screws.
  • Lighted power switch
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For professional, long lasting results, braided sleeving should be cut with a hot knife to cut and seal the ends to prevent fraying during installation and use. Commonly used to cut paracord, rope, webbing, nylon cord, weight belt material, sail rigging, and many other woven or braided lines. This hotknife has been trusted for years by climbers, boaters, and electrical technicians of all types. Whether you are building a perfect wiring harness or finishing off the rope you are taking on your next climbing expedition this it the knife you are looking for.

Item Part # Description Weight Price
Bench Mount Hot Knife
HKB0.00WH Bench Mount Hot Knife 4 lbs
Replacement Blade For Bench Mount Hot Knife
RBB0.00SV Replacement Blade for Bench Mount Hot Knife 0.1 lb
Heavy Duty Bench Mount Hot Knife, 110 V.
HKB3.00BL Heavy Duty Bench Mount Hot Knife, 110 V. 21 lb
Replacement Blade for HKB3.00BL Hot knives
RBB3.00SV Replacement Blade for RBB3.00SV Hot knife 0.4 lb
Replacement Blade For Bench Mount Hot Knife
HKA-KIT Hot Knife Accessory Kit 0.5 lb
  • Instantly seals cut ends, eliminating the need to buy expensive non-fray sleeving.
  • Cutting blade can be easily replaced with a flat head screwdriver.
  • Cuts quickly, evenly and neatly, saving time and material.
  • For your protection, be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves, and operate only in a well-ventilated area.

    Temperature 1200°F (648.9°C) 
    Voltage 120V
    Power 48 W
    Base Dimensions 5.75" L x 4" W x 3" H (14.61 x 10.16 x 7.62 cm)
    Blade Dimensions 2.3125" W x 2.75" H  (5.87 cm x 6.98 cm)
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