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Cable Sleeving Solutions

Cable sleeving is one of the best looking and most diverse wire management solutions available. Whether you're looking for wire loom, conduit, braided sleeving or spiral wrap, we've got the sleeving solution for your application.

Wire loom and conduit offer full-coverage protection for cables and wires, protecting from abrasion, moisture and the elements.

Braided sleeving is one of the most popular choices, and we've got lots of varieties: everything from our general purpose PET wrap to our fiberglass sleeving for high temperature industrial applications. We offer a broad range of toughness, from Mylar for largely aesthetic cable concealment to the extremely durable Teflon. And everything in between! We also stock a broad range of tools to help you cut and seal our various sleeving products. Whether you're looking for computer cable sleeves to tame your computer cables for your home or office, or you need specialty sleeving for automotive, military or even aerospace applications, we've got a sleeve for that.

Spiral wrap helps keep cables and hoses secure, but also allows for wires to enter and exit the bundle at any desired breakout point, giving you more freedom.

Cable Sleeving is one of the Most Efficient Ways to Organize and Protect

Unruly wires are unpleasant on many levels and can cause serious problems for your cable system also. offers a number of solutions to manage your wires and offer serious protection from wear and tear.

Why Use Cable Sleeving?

Wires come with a little bit of protection around them, because otherwise we'd be suffering from electric shocks and fire hazards left and right. However, the protection that wiring comes with isn't meant to withstand serious conditions where wiring is often needed most. Even if the conditions aren't harsh, sleeving can still can help to extend the life of your cables through protection against abrasion, moisture, temperature fluctuations and the elements.


We offer three types of cable sleeving: Wire Loom & Conduit, Braided Sleeving, and Spiral Wraps. Braided sleeving tends to be one of our more popular items, but we've got plenty of varieties in each category. Here's a little more info about each!

Wire Loom & Conduit

Wire loom tubing is meant for indoor use to help with cord organization and to protect them from wear and tear. Even in a home or office, cables are exposed to things like human traffic, abrasion, chemicals like paint and cleaners, and corrosion. Wire loom tubing protects against all of this, and we even have varieties available that are flame retardant.


Conduit is comparable to wire loom, but is used in larger applications where optical, electrical, communication and low voltage cables need to be routed underground or outside over long spans. They are full enclosed and mostly sold in bulk.

Braided Sleeving

Braided sleeving is a great way to protect cables while conforming to the shape you need it to. They are super easy to install and are available in metal, carbon fiber, fabric, heat shrink, Kevlar, Teflon, fiberglass, nylon, and PET solution for general purpose application.


Braided sleeving will help you organize your wires, cables, and even hoses because the expandable size allows you to bundle multiple things together. They work for the home or office, and can also be used in cars, military and boating. Depending on your specific needs, many of the models we carry are flame retardant and also can protect against the elements and various chemicals.

Spiral Wraps

Spiral wraps keep cables secure and protected, with the added benefit that allows you to choose exactly where each cable you bundle together enters or exits the wrap. This is done effortlessly by simply slipping the wires between the wrap's coils.


Simple models exist to help you stay organized and keep cables away from human and pet traffic, while others are meant for machinery, equipment, and even oil rigging. In addition, we even have glow-in-the-dark options so you can easily find them in dim lighting, and flame-retardant varieties so that you can rest assured your cables won't get damaged when the heat goes up.

It Doesn't End There!

Being a one-stop-shop, we not only have the cable sleeving you need, but also all the mounting brackets, clamps, accessories, connectors, and tools to make installation a breeze.