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Getting power and data from Point A to Point B has become an integral component of nearly everything we do in our daily lives. We plug items in and expect them to work, we expect that our homes will have power and light, and that we'll be able to connect to the world at large via our phones, tablets and computers.

Since needs vary greatly for different applications, CableOrganizer.com offers a wide selection of power and data distribution products. From small home extension cords and power strips to desk outlets and industrial UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Even with the widespread use of wireless technology, at some point in the chain, for the power and data to reach you it will need to travel through a cable (maybe even lots of cables). Many power and data distribution products, such as desk outlets, wireless routers, and charging stations exist not only for convenience, but also for wire management.

Poor cable management in power and data transmission situations can lead to equipment damages, downtime, personal injury, and fire. Avoid tripping hazards while bringing your power options closer to where you need it by using cord covers, power/data extensions, desk outlets, or one of the many other items we offer that fit your needs.