FireFlex Flat

Protects again Extreme Heat, Open Flame and Molten Splash


What's special about FireFlex Flat?

  • Provides up to 500°F (260°C) of continuous heat protection for cables, hoses, and pipes.
  • Tough silicone coating provides extremely high abrasion resistance but is flexible enough to retain integrity around tight curves and bends.
  • Resists all chemicals and solvents found in engine bays and fluid lines for great performance in any application.
  • Ideal for uncompromised protection in aerospace and automotive applications, including gas lines, engine hoses and cables, and other “under-the-hood” uses.
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  • RoHS Compliant

Protects again Extreme Heat, Open Flame and Molten Splash

3 1/2" Widths
Color Part # Description Price
FIF3.50-5FT FireFlex Flat - 3 1/2" - 5 ft cuts
FIF3.50-10FT FireFlex Flat - 3 1/2" - 10 ft cuts
FIF3.50-25FT FireFlex Flat - 3 1/2" - 25 ft cuts
FIF3.50-50FT FireFlex Flat - 3 1/2" - 50 ft spool
  1. Two types available for varying applications:
    1. Industrial Grade: Knit silicone jacket provides great protection in most commercial applications.
  2. Cuts easily witha pair of scissors for economical preparation.
  3. Withstands a molten splash up to 2200°F (1204°C), ensuring protection will not be compromised by these rare occurrences.
  4. Non-conductive, non-combustible, melt-proof material prevents additional damage in case of fire or electrical overload.
  5. Halogen-free and RoHS Compliant for minimal release of toxic chemicals.


Chemical Resistance Testing Methods
Aromatic Solvents 1 NA
Aliphatic Solvents 1 NA
Chlorinated Solvents 1 NA
Weak Bases 1 NA
Strong Bases 1 NA
Salt Water 1 O-S-1926
Hydraulic Fluid 1 MIL-H-5606
Lube Oil 1 MIL-L-7808
De-lce Fluid 1 MIL-A-8243
Strong Acids 2 NA
Strong Oxidants 2 NA
Esters ketones 1 NA
UV light 1 NA
Petroleum 1 NA
Fungus 1 ASTM G-21*

1 - No Effect
2 - Little Effect
3 - Affected
4 - More Affected
5 - Severely Affected
* MIL-1-744, MIL-STD 810/508
MIL-E-5272, MIL-1-1631
Strength & Abrasion
Tensile Strength Extremely High
Abrasion Resistance High
Flammability Rating Non Flammable
Halogen Free True
Continuous Operating Temperatures °C °F
Maximum 260° 500°
Minimum -54° -65°
Melt 1120° 2048°




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