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Gator Wrap Extreme Abrasion Resistant Sleeving

The Ultimate Cable and Hose Protection for Heavy Industrial Applications


What’s special about this cable and hose protector?

  • Made of an extremely abrasion resistant fabric to protect cables and hoses in high drag applications.
  • Also resists sparks, water, petroleum, tear, puncture and just about anything else you can throw at it.
  • Hook and loop closure lets you install the sleeving without having to disconnect the hoses.
  • Ideal for protecting cables and hoses in heavy duty applications such as the timber, oil, welding and other manufacturing industries.
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  • RoHS Compliant

Gator Wrap delivers the ultimate cable and hose protection for the most taxing industries. While its main focus is high-drag applications like oil and timber, it’s also suitable for welding, metal working, and other situations where sparks and hot splashes are common.

Splice Free Spooling:
Some splices are normal during the braiding process. Usually, not more than one or two splices will be on any given spool. Ordering splice-free spools guarantees the maximum continuous yield on your spools. This option is suggested when ordering large lengths of sleeving or for important and precise projects. This treatment is most applicable in lengths that exceed 100 feet. In general, shorter lengths will be splice free as they come off the spools.

1 3/8" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG1.38-25FT 25'
DWG1.38-75FT 75'
1 3/4" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG1.75-25FT 25'
DWG1.75-75FT 75'
2" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG2.00-25FT 25'
DWG2.00-75FT 75'
3" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG3.00-25FT 25'
DWG3.00-75FT 75'
4" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG4.00-25FT 25'
DWG4.00-75FT 75'
6" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG6.00-25FT 25'
DWG6.00-75FT 75'
  • Easily cut with a standard pair of scissors to get the size you need.
  • Proudly made in the USA US flag
  • Gator Wrap Abrasion Sleeving Specifications (PDF) PDF

    Abrasion Resistance Extremely High
    Abrasion Test Machine Taber 5150
    Abrasion Test Wheel Calibrase H-18
    Abrasion Test Load 500g
    Room Temperature 69°F
    Humidity 50%
    No Major Wear 10,000 Test Cycles
    Slight Change. Coating
    Worn But Still Intact.
    50,000 Test Cycles
    Pre-Test Weight 11,673.3 mg
    Post-Test Weight 0 mg
    Test End Loss Of Mass
    Point Of Destruction
    11,673.3 mg
    Chemical Resistance
    1=No Effect 2=Little Effect 3=Affected 4=More Affected 5=Severely Affected
    Aromatic Solvents 1
    Aliphatic Solvents 1
    Chlorinated Solvents 1
    Weak Bases 1
    Salts 1
    Strong Bases 1
    Salt Water 0-S-1926 1
    Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606) 1
    Lube Oil (MIL-L-7808) 1
    De-Icing Fluid (MIL-A-8243) 1
    Strong Acids 1
    Strong Oxidants 1
    Esters/Keytones 1
    UV Light 1
    Petroleum 1
    Fungus ASTM G-21 1
    Physical Properties
    Maximum Continuous (Mil-I-23053) 250ºF (121ºC)
    Minimum Continuous -60ºF (-51ºC)
    Recommended Cutting Scissor
    Hook and Loop Width 1/4"
    Wall Thickness 0.05"
    Material Proprietary Extreme Abrasion Fabric
    Ratings RoHS
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