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Gator Wrap Extreme Abrasion Resistant Sleeving

The Ultimate Cable and Hose Protection for Heavy Industrial Applications


What’s special about this cable and hose protector?

  • Made of an extremely abrasion resistant fabric to protect cables and hoses in high drag applications.
  • Also resists sparks, water, petroleum, tear, puncture and just about anything else you can throw at it.
  • Hook and loop closure lets you install the sleeving without having to disconnect the hoses.
  • Ideal for protecting cables and hoses in heavy duty applications such as the timber, oil, welding and other manufacturing industries.
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  • RoHS Compliant

Gator Wrap delivers the ultimate cable and hose protection for the most taxing industries. While its main focus is high-drag applications like oil and timber, it’s also suitable for welding, metal working, and other situations where sparks and hot splashes are common.

1 3/8" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG1.38-25FT 25'
DWG1.38-75FT 75'
1 3/4" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG1.75-25FT 25'
DWG1.75-75FT 75'
2" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG2.00-25FT 25'
DWG2.00-75FT 75'
3" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG3.00-25FT 25'
DWG3.00-75FT 75'
4" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG4.00-25FT 25'
DWG4.00-75FT 75'
6" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
DWG6.00-25FT 25'
DWG6.00-75FT 75'
  • Easily cut with a standard pair of scissors to get the size you need.
  • Proudly made in the USA US flag
  • Gator Wrap Abrasion Sleeving Specifications (PDF) PDF

    Abrasion Resistance Extremely High
    Abrasion Test Machine Taber 5150
    Abrasion Test Wheel Calibrase H-18
    Abrasion Test Load 500g
    Room Temperature 69°F
    Humidity 50%
    No Major Wear 10,000 Test Cycles
    Slight Change. Coating
    Worn But Still Intact.
    50,000 Test Cycles
    Pre-Test Weight 11,673.3 mg
    Post-Test Weight 0 mg
    Test End Loss Of Mass
    Point Of Destruction
    11,673.3 mg
    Chemical Resistance
    1=No Effect 2=Little Effect 3=Affected 4=More Affected 5=Severely Affected
    Aromatic Solvents 1
    Aliphatic Solvents 1
    Chlorinated Solvents 1
    Weak Bases 1
    Salts 1
    Strong Bases 1
    Salt Water 0-S-1926 1
    Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606) 1
    Lube Oil (MIL-L-7808) 1
    De-Icing Fluid (MIL-A-8243) 1
    Strong Acids 1
    Strong Oxidants 1
    Esters/Keytones 1
    UV Light 1
    Petroleum 1
    Fungus ASTM G-21 1
    Physical Properties
    Maximum Continuous (Mil-I-23053) 250ºF (121ºC)
    Minimum Continuous -60ºF (-51ºC)
    Recommended Cutting Scissor
    Hook and Loop Width 1/4"
    Wall Thickness 0.05"
    Material Proprietary Extreme Abrasion Fabric
    Ratings RoHS
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