Nomex® Flame Resistant Braided Sleeving

Superior Fire Protection for High-Intensity Applications


What's special about this fire resistant sleeving?

  • Insulates cables and hoses against temperatures up to 662° F (350° C), helping them endure the brutal conditions of military, aviation, fire rescue, and other applications that require superior flame resistance.
  • 90,000 psi tensile strength for unparalleled defense against damage from stretching, pulling, and other forms of stress.
  • Resists oil, acids, chemicals, and solvents, adding extra protection against common destructive elements.
  • Dense weave makes for a soft, pliable feel that is easy to handle, unlike other braided sleevings that can be rough and difficult to bend into place.
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In situations where temperatures can go from 0-500° F in an instant, there's no better heat protection than the material that's been used by race car drivers and firefighters for years. This Nomex flame resistant braided sleeving is tested and proven for use in extreme-temperature applications, and its sleek looks can even improve the appearance of exposed wiring.

Splicing may occur during the production of this sleeving. Two or three lengths may create a full spool.
Continuous lengths are available in most sizes at an additional 10% surcharge. Please specify if you require continuous lengths.

Mini Spools
Part #Nominal SizeExpansion RangeWall ThicknessSpool LengthColorWeightPrice
MSNX01251/8"1/16" - 1/4"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural0.03 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX0251/4"1/8" - 5/16"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural0.13 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX0315/16"7/32" - 7/16"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural0.15 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX03753/8"1/4" - 1/2"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural0.17 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX0501/2"5/16" - 5/8"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural0.23 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX06255/8"7/16" - 7/8"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural0.28 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX0753/4"9/16" - 1"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural0.34 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX1001"3/4" - 1-1/8"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural0.61 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX1251-1/4"1" - 1-1/2"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural0.87 lb
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX1501-1/2"1-1/4" - 1-3/4"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural1.01 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
MSNX1751-3/4"1-1/2" - 2"0.016"25 ftGreen, Natural1.19 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Bulk Spools
Part #Nominal SizeExpansion RangeWall ThicknessSpool LengthColorWeightPrice
BSNX01251/8"1/16" - 1/4"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural0.12 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX0251/4"1/8" - 5/16"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural0.50 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX0315/16"7/32" - 7/16"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural0.60 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX03753/8"1/4" - 1/2"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural0.67 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX0501/2"5/16" - 5/8"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural0.91 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX06255/8"7/16" - 7/8"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural1.10 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX0753/4"9/16" - 1"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural1.34 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX1001"3/4" - 1-1/8"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural2.42 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX1251-1/4"1" - 1-1/2"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural3.49 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX1501-1/2"1-1/4" - 1-3/4"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural4.03 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
BSNX1751-3/4"1-1/2" - 2"0.016"100 ftGreen, Natural4.76 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Expands slightly for a snug fit over cables and bundles.
  • Cuts easily with regular scissors, keeping installation simple and safe.
  • Smooth, distinct looks will not detract from the aesthetics of wiring.
  • Halogen Free
  • RoHS Compliant


Abrasion Resistance
Abrasion Test Machine Taber 5150
Abrasion Test Wheel Calibrase H-18
Abrasion Test Load 500g
Room Temperature 80°F (26.7°C)
Humidity 70%
Material Very Visibly Being Pulled Apart 25 Test Cycles
Hole Through Material Destroyed 350 Test Cycles
Pre-Test Weight 2271.03 mg
Post-Test Weight 2097.67 mg
Test End Loss of Mass Point of Destruction
Temperature Handling
Minimum Continuous -76°F (-60°C)
Maximum Continuous 428°F (220°C) 
Melting Point Above 662°F (350°C) (ASTM D-2117)
Integrity Retention (Max) 489°F (254°C)
Chemical Resistance
Strong Bases No Effect
Strong Acids Little Effect
Strong Oxidants Little Effect
UV Light Little Effect
Petroleum No Effect
Physical Properties
Monofilament Diameter N/A (ASTM D-204)
Flammability Rating Self Extinguishing (FMVSS-302 Approved)
Wall Thickness 0.016
Tensile Strength 8 (ASTM D-2256 Lbs)
Specific Gravity 1.38 (ASTM D-792)
Moisture Absorption 4 (ASTM D-570)
Hard Vacuum Data (ASTM E-595)
TML 3.94
CVCM 0.18
WVR 2.91
Oxygen Index 28 (ASTM D-2863)


Strength and Abrasion
Tensile Strength 90000
Abrasion Resistance High
Tenacity gms/denier 4.9
Typical Elongation Break 27
3g/denier -
Specific Gravity 1.38


Outgassing -
Oxygen Index 28
Specific Gravity g/cc 1.38
Halogen Free Yes


Continuous Operating C F
Maximum 350 662
Minimum -196 -320
Melt n/a


Chemical Resistances Testing Method
Aromatic Solvents   n/a
Aliphatic Solvents   n/a
Chlorinated Solvents   n/a
Weak Bases   n/a
Salts   n/a
Strong Bases 1 n/a
Salt Water   O-S-1926
Hydraulic Fluid   MIL-H-5606
Lube Oil   MIL-L-7808
De-Ice Fluid   MIL-A-8243
Strong Acids 2 n/a
Strong Oxidants 2 n/a
Esters Keystones   n/a
UV Light 3 n/a
Petroleum 1 n/a
Fungus   ASTM G-21 *
1 = No Effect
2 = Little Effect
3 = Moderate Effect
4 = Greater Effect
5 = Severe Effect
* MIL-1-744, MIL-STD 810/508, MIL-E-5272, MIL-1-1631







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CSA Certification - Does this product have CSA Certification?

Asked by Anonymous user on 09.47 AM Wednesday, 10 September, 2014

  • - Thank you for your question. This product is not CSA certified.

    Fernando M. on 10.00 AM Thursday, 18 September, 2014

what material is the braided sleeving made of

Asked by Anonymous user on 10.03 AM Monday, 24 July, 2017

  • - Hello, The type of material is called Nomex (a polymer-type braided sleeving)

    Anonymous user on 04.03 PM Monday, 24 July, 2017

Hi, Will these comes with manufacturer's certificate of conformance?

Asked by Anonymous user on 08.21 PM Thursday, 07 February, 2019

  • - Hello, We can get the C. of C. for you from the manufacturer at the time you place your order. You can either call us directly toll free at 866-222-0030 or you can enter it in the notes section when placing your order

    Anonymous user on 08.37 AM Tuesday, 26 February, 2019

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