Bentley-Harris® Expando® 686DM Braided Sleeving

Ultimate Performance Under Harsh Conditions


What's special about this flame retardant sleeving?

  • Aerospace-grade expandable braided sleeving stretches an additional 3 times its unfilled size to ensure a snug fit for bundling cables and making wire harnesses.
  • Tightly woven yet highly breathable design will not trap heat or humidity, ensuring the longest life out of your cables and connected devices.
  • Patented PPS and PEEK dual-filament construction provides excellent resistance to abrasion, heat, oils, acid, sunlight, cleaning supplies, and other elements of hostile environments.
  • Non-halogenated production releases fewer toxic fumes in the event of a fire, minimizing potential health hazards and damage to nearby equipment.
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  • RoHS CompliantCSA Approved

Expando 686DM is manufactured to withstand the elements, in compliance with the demanding specifications of the aerospace industry. This complex braided sleeving is made from the toughest components, and has been tested to Military and ASTM standards, ensuring you get the protection you need.

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Part # Nominal Size Nominal Diameter Maximum Diameter Feet Per Spool Color Price
BSBH686-0125 1/8" 3/32" 1/4" 2,000 Black, Natural
Manufacturer Direct
BSBH686-0375 3/8" 3/16" 3/4" 500 Black, Natural
Manufacturer Direct
BSBH686-050 1/2" 1/4" 7/8" 500 Black, Natural
Manufacturer Direct
BSBH686-125 1-1/4" 5/8" 1-3/4" 250 Black, Natural
Manufacturer Direct
BSBH686-175 1-3/4" 3/4" 2-1/4" 250 Black, Natural
Manufacturer Direct
BSBH686-200 2" 1-1/2" 2-1/4" 250 Black, Natural
Manufacturer Direct
BSBH686-250 2-1/2" 1-7/8" 3" 250 Natural
Manufacturer Direct
  • Comes on a spool for easy mounting to a dispenser reel.
  • Highly flame retardant material is rated to VW-1 standards.
  • Will not rot under any circumstances, resulting in infinite shelf life and a one-time investment.
  • Does not require a hot knife for cutting; can be easily cut with scissors to maximize safety and minimize project costs.
  • CSA  Filed: LR52852
  • RoHS Compliant

  • *All Bentley Harris products are RoHS compliant and have an indefinite shelf life. ISO 14001 & TS16949 certified.
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    Performance Data - Expando® 686 DM

    Operating Temperature Range - -70° C to +200° C (-94° F to +392° F)
    Low Temperature Flexibility MIL-DTL-23053E -70° C
    Flammability UL 1441
    FAR Part 25
    Smoke Density ASTM E-662 Dmc = 2.3
    Oxygen Index ASTM D 2863 36.50%
    Hard Vacuum
    ASTM E-595 Pass
    Fluid Resistance
      Jet Fuel JP-4 (MIL-T-5624)
      Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606)
      Lube Oil (MIL-I-7808) 
      De-Ice Fluid (MIL-A-8243)
      Reference Oil #2 (ASTM D-471)
      Salt Water (O-S-1926)
    MIL-DTL-23053 No visible degradation


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