Standard Sleeving

Standard Braided Sleeving is an excellent cable management solution for containing cables or bundles of cables and protecting them from abrasions, liquids, chemicals and other hazards. This section includes standard types of sleeving, both side entry and expandable.

Expandable sleeving increases its diameter for installation, allowing you to feed cables and wires through, and then constricts to conform to the basic diameter and shape of your cables. This is helpful for accommodating irregularly shaped areas of your bundles, and provides a more securely enclosed option than many side entry sleeves.

Side entry braided sleeving makes for easier installation by allowing you to easily wrap cables, hoses and wires for maximum convenience. You can easily add and remove cables by simply unwrapping them. The semi-rigid construction of our F6 and PET wrap provides an extra layer of flexibility for clean and fast implementation. Whether you need cable management solution for home, office or industrial applications, standard braided cable sleeving is an excellent choice.


Braided Sleeving: Expandable vs. Side Entry Split Wrap

Braided sleeving is a great cable management tool that keeps wires and bundles of cables protected from abrasion while also keeping them organized. While all types feature a woven fiber weave, there are many variations that are suited to specific uses and applications. However, the biggest separator in terms of sleeving styles is whether or not the sleeving is solid and expandable, or split for side entry. Let's take a look at what makes these two styles different, beyond the obvious.

Expandable Sleeving

Examples of Expandable Sleeving and Application

Expandable braided sleeving is solid in its circumference, meaning it must be installed by feeding the cables through it. Since it expands, it's a good choice for irregular shaped areas of bundles. It also gives you the peace of mind that cables won't simply drop out of the sleeve, since it's fully enclosed. It's usually more economical than the split-style sleeving, and there are more color options available, which can help when identifying different bundles.

Split Side Entry Sleeving

Examples of Split Sleeving

Side entry, also known as split or wrap-around sleeving, features a slit that allows the sleeve to be installed by wrapping it around the desired cables and wires, rather than feeding them through the sleeve. This makes installation easier than with expandable sleeving, and also let's you bypass bulky connectors and wrap cables without unplugging them. The split nature also allows individual cables and wires to exit at any point during the run, giving this sleeving more versatility than expandable sleeving.