Roundit® 2000 Woven Wrap-Around Sleeving

A Soft, Yet Durable Sleeve for your Cable Protection


What's special about this wrap-around sleeving?

  • Protect and route cables with a soft, flexible wrap
  • Self-wrapping split wrap eliminates the need for cable ties
  • Ployester mono and multi-filament construction prevents abrasion, cuts and chafing
  • Rated 125° C, RoHS compliant, ISO 14001 & TS16949 certified
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RoHS Compliant

Roundit 2000 features a split wrap design that allows for easy insertion and removal of wires or bundles of cables. Protect cords, assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses with this tough but lightweight sleeving that serves as a balance between corrugated split wire loom and expandable braided sleeving. It is soft and flexible but durable and resistant to cuts and abrasions. Can be used in aeronautical, marine, electronic, home, office and general manufacturing industries.

Please Note: Minimum quantity applies, items ship 4 weeks from ordering

Part #SizeCoverage RangeColorPrice/FT
RDT0188-BK3/16"1/8" – 5/16"Black
Quick Ship
RDT03125/16"3/16" – 3/8"Black, White
Quick Ship
RDT0501/2"1/4" – 5/8"Black, White
Quick Ship
RDT0753/4"1/2" – 1"Black
Quick Ship
RDT1001"3/4" – 1-1/4"Black, White
Quick Ship
RDT150-BK1-1/2"1-1/4" – 1-3/4"Black
Manufacturer Direct

Normally our policy is to supply continuous lengths. If it is absolutely necessary to receive one continuous length, please specify.

Nominal size is determined by wrapping product around a mandrel of a given size to obtain an overlap of between 45° and 135°. Roundit 2000 should be tied at intervals if continuous use temperature exceeds 110°C.

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Hot knife cutting of Roundit 2000 is not required but highly recommended to prevent product from fraying.

Installation Tools
Part #DescriptionExpansion RatioColorPrice
RDTOOLWoven Wrap Installation Tool5/16" – 1/2"Red
Quick Ship
SHRTOOL-25Slit Harness Wrap Tool1-1/4" – 1-1/2"Orange
Quick Ship
WLITOOLWire Loom Installation Tool3/4" – 1"Yellow
  • Heat treated to keep its original shape, Roundit split woven sleeiving eliminates the need for cable ties on shorter runs
  • Ideal for cables and lines that are already in place and difficult to remove or uninstall, including automotive applications (engine compartments) and multi-cable strings on or under desks and conference room tables
  • Protects wires from spilled liquids and sharp edges
  • Gives any application an organized look without having to disrupt connectors or fittings on in-place installations
  • Rated to 125° C


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Property Test Value
Filament Diameter - Wrap 1250 denier polyester multifilament
- - Fill 0.009" polyester monofilament
Melt Temperature ASTM D-2117 250°C (480°F)
Low Temperature Flexibility MIL-DTL-23053E -70°C (-94°F)
Smoke Density ASTM E-662 -
- Specific Optical Density @ 1.5 min. 15
- Specific Optical Density @ 4.0 min. 20
Hard Vacuum ASTM E-595 -
TML - .63%
CVCM - .16%
WVR - .06%
Copper Corrosivity MIL-I-23053 No Effect
Fluid Resistance MIL-I-23053 Tensile Retention
Jet Fuel JP-4 (MIL-T-5624) - 100%
Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606) - 100%
Lube Oil (MIL-I-7808) - 100%
De-Ice Fluid (MIL-A-8243) - 100%
Reference Oil #2 (ASTM D-471) - 100%
Salt Water (O-S-1926) - 100%


Steps to using Installation Tool
Roundit Installation Tool installation tool protective self-wrapping protective sleeving
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Questions & Answers


Will this sleeving protect cables and hoses from cats chewing or clawing?

Asked by Anonymous user on 01.39 PM Thursday, 09 October, 2014

  • - Thank you for your question. Initially yes, this will protect your wires, however if they keep at it, eventually they will be able to get through. I would recommend you go with something a bit more sturdy like Metal Braided Sleeving

    Fernando M. on 02.49 PM Thursday, 16 October, 2014

Is this sleeving weatherproof? - I have about a half dozen RG6 (CCTV Camera wire) running between two building soffits (overhead.) The length is 12 feet. I need a product that will protect the cable from rain and UV rays. Mostly UV rays. The wire can probably get wet if it and the sleeving dry out when the sun comes out. Is this a good application or can you recommend something else.

Asked by Anonymous user on 11.54 AM Saturday, 28 February, 2015

  • - Thank you for your question. While this sleeving is made to take a bit of abuse by the elements, i would not recommend it as a permanent solution in the case of your application.

    Fernando M. on 11.41 AM Wednesday, 22 April, 2015

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