Flexo® OverExpanded

Perfect For Installing Over Cables With Large Connectors


What's special about this extra expandable braided PET?

  • Extra expandable braided sleeve can open nearly four times its original size, allowing easy installation over cables with large connector end faces - perfect for automotive or marine application.
  • Open weave pattern allows you to see through the sleeving to trace or identify cables or hoses in the bundle.
  • Flexible polyethylene material allows for bends and curves when running wires around corners or through tight places, and also protects the cable from being overexerted.
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RoHS CompliantULCSA Approved

In the past, cables with large connector interfaces such as AC power extensions or VGA cables typically had to be covered with a side entry sleeving or the connectors had to be removed for braided sleeving to be installed. With Flexo® OverExpanded's large expansion ratio, it’s able to easily slide over large end faces and fit securely around cable bundles.

Mini Spools
Part #SizeMin Expansion RangeMax Expansion RangeQtyWeightColorPrice
MSOVR025-BK1/4"1/8"1/2"200'0.48 lbBlack
Manufacturer Direct
MSOVR0383/8"3/16"1"125'0.65 lbBlack, Clear, Purple, Neon Blue, Red, Neon Yellow, Carbon
Manufacturer Direct
MSOVR0501/2"7/16"1-3/8"100'0.63 lbBlack, Clear
Manufacturer Direct
Bulk Spools
Part #SizeMin Expansion RangeMax Expansion RangeQtyWeightColorPrice
BSOVR025-BK1/4"1/8"1/2"1000'2.4 lbsBlack
Manufacturer Direct
BSOVR0383/8"3/16"1"500'2.6 lbsBlack, Clear, Purple, Red, Neon Yellow, Neon Blue, Carbon
Manufacturer Direct
BSOVR0501/2"7/16"1-3/8"500'3.15 lbsBlack, Clear
Manufacturer Direct
  • 4-to-1 expansion ratio provides more room when pulling cables through, drastically cutting down installation time.
  • Provides a clean look to your unorganized cables in wiring harness and home office applications.
  • Abrasion resistant to prevent wear and tear on hoses or cable jacketing.
  • Protects bundles from accidental cuts due to contact with sharp corners or objects.
  • Halogen-free material ensures a safe bundling solution
  • High chemical resistance makes this perfect for use in and around motor engines in automotive applications.
  • Recommended cutting with a hot knife, which will provide and neat clean cut.
  • Overexpanded nature allows for unrestricted ariflow and quick drying in moist marine applications.
Physical Properties
Monofilament Thickness (ASTM D-204) 0.01   Wall Thickness 0.025
Flammability Rating UL-94 Tensile Strength - Yarn (ASTM D-2265) lbs. 7.5
Recommended Cutting Hot Knife Specific Gravity 1.38
Colors 7 Moisture Absorption % (ASTM D-570) 0.1 - 0.2
Hard Vacuum Data (ASTM E-595 at 10-5 torr)
TML 0.19   Smoke D-Max (ASTM E-662) 56
CVCM 0 Outgassing Medium
WVR 0.16 Oxygen Index (ASTM D-2863) 21
Operating Temperatures
Melt Point (ASTM D-2117) 482°F (250°C)
Maximum Continuous Temperature (MIL-I-23053) 257°F (125°C)
Minimum Continuous Temperature  -94°F ( -70°C)
Abrasion Resistance Low   Two Strands Visabily Broken 125 Test Cycles
Abrasion Teste Machine Taber 5150 Wear Patter Continues, Material Begins to Break Down 200 Test Cycles
Abrasion Test Wheel Calibrase H-18 Material Destroyed 350 Test Cycles
Abrasion Test Load 500g Pre Test Weight 1,592.77 mg
Room Temperature 79° F Post Test Weight 1.461.22 mg
Humidity 70% Test End Loss of Mass Point of Destruction 131.55 mg
Chemical Resistance
Aromatic Solvents Little Effect   Lube Oil (MIL-L-7808) No Effect
Aliphatic Solvents No Effect De-Icing Fluid (MIL-A-8243) No Effect
Chlorinated Solvents Affected Strong Acids Affected
Weak Bases No Effect Strong Oxidants Little Effect
Salts No Effect Esters/Keystones No Effect
Strong Bases Little Effect UV Light No Effect
Salt Water No Effect Petroleum No Effect
Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606) No Effect Fungus (ASTM G-21) No Effect
Halogen Free YES   RoHS YES






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