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Flexo® Clean Cut Heavy Duty

Tough, Easy-to-cut Sleeving Designed for the Field


What's special about non-fray expandable sleeving?

  • Available in standard PET and FR (Fire Retardant) grades.
  • Cuts cleanly with scissor for easy installation in the field or when a hot knife is unavailable.
  • Monofilament size: 0.008" FR version meets UL VW-1
  • Max. continuous operating temp.: 257°F (125°C)
  • High abrasion resistance and increased braid density for fuller coverage.
  • Fray resistant construction
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  • RoHS Compliant

Flexo® Clean Cut is an innovative fray resistant coverings for wires, cables, and hose assemblies. This sleeving is ideal for field installers and other situations where access to a hot knife is impossible.The fray resistant properties allows frequent expansion of the cut end without unraveling and when cut with a hot knife, it produces a clean, smooth and virtually frayless end.

1/8" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
CCH0.13-100FT 100'
CCH0.13-1000FT 1000'
1/4" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
CCH0.25-100FT 100'
CCH0.25-1000FT 1000'
3/8" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
CCH0.38-100FT 100'
CCH0.38-500FT 500'
1/2" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
CCH0.50-100FT 100'
CCH0.50-500FT 500'
3/4" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
CCH0.75-75FT 75'
CCH0.75-250FT 250'
1" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
CCH1.00-50FT 50'
CCH1.00-250FT 250'
1 1/4" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
CCH1.25-50FT 50'
CCH1.25-250FT 250'
1 1/2" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
CCH1.50-50FT 50'
CCH1.50-250FT 250'
2" Diameter
Color Part # Length Price
CCH2.00-25FT 25'
CCH2.00-100FT 100'

The unique design offers full coverage, flexibility, excellent abrasion protection and a finished end that resists fraying. Available in standard & FR grades, PET NF is braided from durable, high temperature resistant .008 in. polyethylene terephthalate monofilament, the PET NF grade braided sleeving is readily used in the automotive, A/V, industrial, marine, military, racing, wire and cable, and computer industries.

  • Available in standard PET and FR (Fire Retardant) grades.
  • Monofilament size: .008"
  • FR version meets UL VW-1
  • Max. continuous operating temp.: 257°F (125°C)
  • Fray resistant construction
  • Can be cut with a hot knife or scissors for a clean finished end
  • 2-1 expansion
  • Uses no chemical coatings to provide fray resistance.
  • Allows for frequent expansion at the cut ends without unraveling.
  • High abrasion protection
  • Very full coverage
  • Easy use and installation in the shop or on the field.
  • Light weight, tough flexible covering
  • UV light resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Allows moisture to dissipate from assembly
  • Compliant with European Union's Restrictions on the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.
  • Conforms to ASTM and MIL standards.
    Monofilament Diameter Wall thickness Abrasion Resistance Temp. Range Melt Point Chlorinated Solvents Strong Acids
    0.008 0.024 High -75°C – 125°C 230°C Affected Affected

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    Nominal Size Expansion Range Available Colors Weight per 100'
    Min. Max.
    1/8" 1/8" 1/4" Black, Gray 0.40 lb
    1/4" 5/32" 7/16" Black, Gray 0.46 lb
    3/8" 3/16" 5/8" Black, Gray 0.74 lb
    1/2" 1/4" 3/4" Black, Gray 0.82 lb
    3/4" 5/8" 1" Black, Gray 1.11 lbs
    1" 3/4" 1-3/16" Black, Gray 1.24 lbs
    1-1/4" 1" 1-1/2" Black, Gray 1.56 lbs
    1-1/2" 1-1/4" 2" Black, Gray 1.85 lbs


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