Greenlee 975, 2.80 L Electric Hydraulic Pump

This Pump Can Produce An Amazing 10,000 Pounds Per Square Inch!


What's special about this hydraulic pump?

  • User can select between automatic and manual ram return selector switch for greater control
  • Hand held pendant switch is attached via a cord to the pump which eliminates the possibility of arcing
  • Motor, pump and circuits are encased in the plastic housing to provide protection from the elements
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The Greenlee GL-975 2.80 L Electric Hydraulic Pump produces the flow necessary for the development of pressure to 10,000 psi. Greenlee’s hydraulic pump is compatible with hose numbers GL-05850, GL-05851, GL-05852 which are pre-filled with oil and ready to operate.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
GL-975Greenlee 2.80 L Electric Hydraulic Pump56.6 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
GL-05850Greenlee 10' x 1/4" hose with (1) 3/8" male coupler and (1) 3/8" female coupler3.3 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
GL-05851Greenlee 10' x 1/4" non-conductive hose with (1) 3/8" male coupler and (1) 3/8" female coupler3.5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
GL-4017-GBHydraulic Oil 1 Quart [0.9 L]2.25 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • This pump is compatible with Greenlee’s hydraulic hose systems: GL-05850, GL-05851, and GL-05852
  • Hydraulic hose units come compete with couplers and dust caps
  • Made in the USA
  • One year manfacturer warranty


Length 12 inches
Type Hydraulic Pump
Weight 55-1/2 lbs
Capacity (Vol) 2.80 L
Operating Pressure 10,000.0 psi [Max]
Flow 4.0 mL/h [Max]
Voltage 120.0 VAC
Flow @ Pressure 0.30 L/min @ 10,000 psi
Power Source Electric
Height 15-1/2 inch
Width 10 inch
Power Capacity 1/2 hp [Max]
Frequency 60.0 Hz






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