Ratcheting Combo Modular Crimp Tool

Precision Crimping for 4, 6, 8 and 10 Pin Connectors


What's special about this ratcheting crimper?

  • Crimps and terminates RJ-11, RJ-12, RJ-45 with pin counts of 2 to 10 pairs all in one tool, without any need to change the die head.
  • Ratcheting action holds crimps securely and releases safely.
  • Straight motion die performs precise crimps each and every time.
  • Built-in cutter and stripper eliminates the need for carrying multiple tools in your tool box or tool bag.
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This Ratcheting Combo Modular Crimp Tool provides an all-in-one solution for crimping just about any type of voice/data connector. With the built-in cutter/stripper and cushion grip handle, you'll have the most efficient tool on the block.

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IT-CRIMP-DEL 4,6,8, or 10 Pin Hi-End Ratchet Combo Modular Crimp Tool
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  • Vivid orange color is easy to locate in dim lighting or inside of your bag.
  • Cushion grip handle for comfort during repetitive use
  • Die head doesn’t need to be changed to terminate different connector types, saving time on the jobsite.
  • Each crimp or cutting “nest” is clearly labeled with its crimp designation to avoid confusion.


  • 4 pin, 2 connector Telephone Handset
  • 4 pin, 4 connector Telephone Handset
  • 6 pin, 4 connector RJ-11
  • 6 pin, 6 connector RJ-12
  • 6 pin, 6 connector DEC OFFSET
  • 8 pin, 8 connector RJ-45
  • 10 pin, 10 connector
  • Part # IT-CRIMP-DEL
    Dimensions 8" x 3" (20.32cm x 7.62cm)
    Crimp Capability 4P2C/4P4C HANDSET
    6P4C RJ-11
    AMP 8P8C RJ-45
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