TMS Hydraulic Crimper Kit


What's special about this tool?

  • This kit includes:
    A 10 Ton Hydraulic Cable Crimper With 9 Dies and Carrying Case
    - or -
    A 16 Ton Hydraulic Cable Crimper With 11 Dies and Carrying Case
  • Hydraulic crimping tool for copper, aluminum or other metals
  • Hexagon crimping dies
  • Crimping range is from 4 to 70mm - or - 16 to 300mm
  • Crimper head can be easily rotated for adjusting direction
  • Ergonomic cushioned handle

Hydraulic crimpers work by using hydraulic fluid to generate pressure, which is then applied to the crimping die. The crimping die is designed to fit over the connector or terminal, and when pressure is applied, it compresses the metal around the connector to create a tight, secure connection. Hydraulic crimpers come in various sizes and configurations, from handheld tools for small applications to large, automated machines for industrial use.
One of the main advantages of hydraulic crimpers is their ability to apply high levels of force, which results in a tight and secure connection. Additionally, hydraulic crimpers are very versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including crimping wires, cables, and hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic Crimp Kits
Color Part # Description Price
TMS-10-YLK 10 Ton TMS Hydraulic Crimper Kit
TMS-16-YLK 16 Ton TMS Hydraulic Crimper Kit
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