DMC® Twist-Strip™ Shielded Wire Stripper


What's special about this stripper?

  • The TSK8000 accommodates a variety of multi-conductor cable having diameters from 0.0625 inches to 0.187 inches
  • Strips the outer jacket of shielded twisted multi-conductor, and round cable
  • End stripping or window stripping of cable as needed
  • Interchangeable stripping dies (with cable track and carbide blade set)
  • Adjustable blade depth settings
  • Tool Weight: .81 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs (includes entire tool and accessories in foam lined case)
  • Die Arm Lever Force: 4.4 lbs
  • Die Arm Lever Length: 1 inches
  • Tool Dimensions: 1.75 inches wide, 9.75 inches tall
  • Cable OD: 0.187 inches / 4.75 mm > 0.0625 inches / 1.59 mm

The TSK8000 has adjustable blades that allow the tool to accommodate variances in the cable. Varying jacket thickness and cable diameter are two examples of common differences you may see in different lots of the same cable. Simple adjustments allow the user to set the cutting blades for a deeper or shallower score of the cable jacket.

Shielded Wire Stripper
Color Part # Description Price
TS8000 Twist-Strip™ Shielded Wire Stripper
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