Cobia® Tray Cutters

A Great Value for Professional Cable Tray Installation


What's special about this wire basket cutter?

  • Cuts right through any steel wire up to 0.236" diameter
  • Easily works with just about every cable tray on the market.
  • Long handles, short blades, and ergonomic grips and maximize your safety & comfort on the job.
  • Tempered steel blades provide a long service life.

Combine 4000 lbs of cutting pressure, tempered steel blades with 1/4" diameter wire capacity, and comfortable grips, and you get the formula for seamless cable cuts through almost any cable tray available. This bold cutter is designed to keep the job moving right along, smooth and safe.

Part # Description Max Wire Diameter Price
WR-TRAYCTR65 18" Cable Tray Cutter 0.236" (6 mm)
Property Value
Max Wire Guage 0.236" (6 mm)
Weight 4.15 lbs (1.88 kg)
Dimensions 18" L (457 mm)
Material Steel
Cut Type Center
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