Ratcheting 4-in-1 Crimping Tool

The Ultimate Crimping Tool, Crimps Wire 8-22AWG Butt Splices


What's special about this crimping tool?

  • Crimps 4 different sized butt splices and eliminates the need for carrying several crimp tools.
  • Mating mechanism in the front of the tool keeps the jaws from mis-aligning or slipping during use.
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This Ratcheting Crimp Tool is the ideal solution to crimping heat shrink butt splices and terminals. The 4 crimp nests are color-coded and labeled for ease of use. The tip has a mating mechanism that aligns to prevent the dies from slipping during your crimp and ensures that you will have a reliable and uniform crimp.

Part # Description Weight Price
NSPA-T-R-50-Y Ratchet Crimping Tool for
22-8 AWG Butt Splices (YELLOW)
0.53 lb
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  • Ratcheting feature allows you to create secure and reliable crimps.
  • Crimping nests are color coded and labeled for easy identification.
  • Constructed with long handles for more leverage and crimping force.
  • Release feature allows you to release your crimp with one quick and easy motion.
  • Ideal for use with heat shrink terminals and butt splices.
  • Ensures a uniform crimp regardless of the user
  • Release switch allows you to easily back out of a crimp if wire is inserted incorrectly.
  • Crimps 4 size wire gauges:
  • 8 AWG
  • 12-10 AWG
  • 16-14 AWG
  • 22-18 AWG
  • Dimensions: 11" x 3" x 7/8"
    Weight: 1.4 lbs

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    Directions For Use:
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    step-1 step-2 step-3 step-4
    Strip wire and insert into crimp barrel Match connector color/wire gauge to proper crimp nest Position crimp nest in the middle of the crimp barrel Squeeze handle of crimp until it bottoms out and releases

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