Platinum Tools ProStrip Wire Strippers

Ergonomically designed for professional wire stripping


What's special about these cable strippers?

  • Precise, clean stripping for solid or stranded wire
  • Handle design requires less force for cutting
  • Cutting and stripping edges are protected with lock device
  • Cleaner cuts with curved blades
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Professional wire installation require professional tools, enter the ProStrip Wire Strippers by Platinum Tools. Designed to meet and exceed the specific requirements of the experts in the field of cable installation, this hand tool is a must have for clean and precise wire termination.

Part # Description Gauge Price
PL-15003C ProStrip 10/20 Wire Stripper 10 - 20 AWG
PL-15005C ProStrip 16/30 Wire Stripper 16 - 30 AWG
  • ProStrip 10/20 for cutting & stripping 10-20 AWG solid wire and 12-22 AWG stranded wire
  • ProStrip 16/30 for cutting & stripping 16-30 AWG solid wire and 18-32 AWG stranded wire
  • Able to cut and chase threads on 6/32 & 8/32 bolts
  • Plier nose is serrated for gripping, pulling and twisting
  • Looping wire holes in tool jaw
Body Material S45C
Steel Hardness HRC 45 +/-2
Finish Black Oxide
Spring Material German SWPA (piano wire)

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