IDEAL 45-176 Custom Stripmaster® Wire Stripper, #10 to #14 AWG with Grit Pad

This Custom Made Tool Means You Get What You Want!


What's special about this wire stripper from IDEAL?

  • Purpose designed for the removal of Teflon®, Plastic, fiberglass and other cable coverings and insulation.
  • For Type E TEFLON® (600V)
  • Precise stripping using Die-type blades
  • MIL-spec blades remove unwanted insulation
  • Featuring a transparent wire stop for visibility of the cutting process.
  • Short stop latch protects wire and holds it unit ready to cut.
  • Strips #10 AWG to #14 AWG solid or stranded wire
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The IDEAL 45-176 Custom Stripmaster® Wire Stripper, #10 to #14 AWG w/Grit Pad is perfect for stripping of plastic, fiberglass, teflon, and other hard-to-strip cable sheaths and insulations. The die-type blade can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements. Easy to use, just one squeeze and you are done. The 45-176 is made of a die-cast body and frame, and comfortable cushioned handgrips.

Part # Description Price
ID-45-176 IDEAL Custom Stripmaster® Wire Stripper, #10 to #14 AWG w/ Grit Pad
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Price
ID-L-5559 Custom Stripmaster® Blade Set
NOTE: ships in 4-6 weeks
Manufacturer Direct
ID-L-5270 Transparent Wire Stop
Manufacturer Direct
  • Easy to squeeze stripper means your hand won't be as tired
  • Die cast body and frame and cushioned grip handles are designed for comfort.
  • Specific sized holes in insulation and conductor mean your strips are precise and accurate.
  • Strips solid or stranded wire.
  • One year warranty.
  • Proudly made in the USA US flag

    Custom Stripmaster® Replacement Blade – ID-L-5559

  • Handles 1.55mm2 through 0.584mm2
  • For type E TEFLON® (600V)
  • TEFLON® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.
  • Die-type blades allow precision stripping
  • Contains counter-bored hole sizes to insulation and inner stripping hole sized to conductor
  • Manufactured to assure accuracy and precision to meet tough MIL-specs
  • Special blade configuration to meet your specific applications.
  • Replacement Gripper™ Pads (Stationary) – ID-L5217

  • For #30 AWG through #16 AWG wire
  • Stationary gripper thickness 0.156"
  • Available in your choice of either parallel, file or grit-type
  • Grit feels like sandpaper and is for, extruded Teflon
  • File feels like metal nail file rare not sold hardly ever
  • Parallel feels like lines on pads is for wrap Teflon
  • The optional short-stop latch protects wire strands by limiting stripping stroke to 5/32" to retain the slug. It can be easily disengaged to allow full 7/8" stroke. The optional transparent wire stop provides uniform stripping length up to 1-1/8" max.

    Cutter Tolerances
    Cutter Diameter ± 0.001"
    Counter Bore ± 0.002"
    Net Weight 0.95 lb
    Length 7.5"


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