Jokari Quadro Cable Stripper Cutter Crimper

All-in-one and you never have to switch tools

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What's special about the Jokari Quadro tool?

  • Covers 4 functions: cutting, insulation stripping, twisting, crimping
  • Quick magazine reloading for fast crimps
  • Reinforced fiberglass polyadmide (PA) body for reliability
  • Lightweight keeps hands from getting tired
  • Works on wires with insulation made of PVC from 20 to 14 AWG

Imagine a tool that can do it all with electrical wire. Imagine no more! the Jokari Quadro is the new multitalented kid on the block. Capable of cutting, stripping, twisting, and crimping; this is by far the most advanced cutter on the market today. Economical, lightweight, and all around ahead of the industry.

Part # Description Price
JK-61000 Jokari Quadro Cutter Stripper Crimper
JK-60000 Jokari Quadro Cutter Stripper Crimper Tool Set
Includes: 3 Loading Magazines + 1 of each Ferrule Sets 20,18,17,15,13 AWG
Part # Description Accessories
JK-60150 Jokari Quadro Ferrules - 20 AWG White - Qty-400
JK-60175 Jokari Quadro Ferrules - 18 AWG Gray - Qty-500
JK-60110 Jokari Quadro Ferrules - 17 AWG Red - Qty-500
JK-60115 Jokari Quadro Ferrules - 15 AWG Black - Qty-500
JK-60125 Jokari Quadro Ferrules - 13 AWG Blue - Qty-500


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