Panduit Controlled Cycle Crimp Tools

Full Comfort and Control for a Secure Terminal Crimp


What's special about these crimp tools?

  • Ideal for crimping a variety of insulated and non insulated Pan-Term Ferrules and Terminals.
  • Ergonomically designed for the safety and comfort of the installer.
  • Controlled cycle crimping allows you to create consistent high quality terminations.
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Panduit’s controlled cycle crimp tools are ideal for securely connecting Pan-Term® ferrules and terminals to wires. These tools are ergonomically designed with a comfort grip to reduce fatigue and the risk of injury to an installer while creating consistently reliable crimps.

Part # Description Wire Gauge Application Dimensions Weight Price
PAN-CT-1550 Panduit Contour Crimp Controlled Cycle Tool #22 - #10 Pan-Term insulated and non-insulated ferrules, butt splices, terminals, disconnects 7.67" H x 2.47" W 1.56 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Constructed of steel with a sturdy polypropylene grip for non slip grip and comfort.
  • Comfort design reduces fatigue during use and increases productivity.
  • Multi-position for a high quality crimp repetition
  • Controlled cycle mechanism prevents tool from opening before a complete crimping cycle is over.

    Panduit CT-1104 Controlled Cycle Crimp Tool

  • Square self adjusting profile crimp die specifically designed for crimping Pan-Term Ferrules from #8 – #6 AWG (10 – 16mm²).
  • Ideal for use on both insulated and non-insulated ferrules for a variety of uses.

    Panduit CT-1550 Contour Crimp™

  • Crimps Pan-Term #22 – #10 AWG nylon and vinyl insulated terminals, splices, and disconnects.
  • Equipped with red and blue color-coded pocket to match the insulator color and wire AWG range.
  • Crimp dies are located closest to the pivot to provide a reduced crimp effort for those who make red and blue wire termination.

  • Drawing Specifications on CT-1104 (PDF) PDF



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