IDEAL 35-053 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Need a Sturdy Ratcheting Cable Cutter For Large Size Cabling Jobs? Look No Further!


What makes this cable cutter special?

  • Ideal for copper and aluminum cable up to 750 KCMIL (MCM) for use in various applications.
  • Excellent cuts are assured thanks to the rounded blade design which assists with clean, virtually distortion free results.
  • Hardened steel blades are especially strong and durable for long tool life.
  • Ergonomically designed foot and grips mean your hand won’t slip during cuts.
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The IDEAL 35-053 Ratcheting Cable Cutter is a large cable cutter, capable of cutting up to 750 KCMIL (MCM) copper and aluminum cable. With handles that lock for storage and curved for ease of use, this well made tool is able to make clean, non-distorted cuts. This ratchet is not for use with steel or ACSR cable.

Part # Description Weight Dimensions Price
ID-35-053 Ratcheting Cable Cutter 2.8667 lbs 14.5"
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Weight Price
ID-35-057 Replacement Moveable Blade
(for 35-053 Ratcheting Cable Cutter)
0.4375 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Innovative quick release feature allows you to back the blade out in the event it should be necessary.
  • While being stored, the blades remain in a locked position for safety and comfort.
  • Jaws open up to 2”
  • Molded foot provides leverage and stability when making cuts
  • Warranty 90 days

  • Accessories :

    ID-35-057 : Replacement Moveable Blade for 35-053 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

    Replacement Moveable Blade

    Replacement Blade Includes : bolt, locknut, and washer

    Length 14.5"
    Weight 2.8667 lbs
    Jaws open to 2"
    Blade construction hardened steel
    Cuts through cable up to 750 KCMIL MCM
    Not for use on ACSR or steel cabling
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    Questions & Answers


    Is there any manual to re-assembly the Ideal 35-053?

    Asked by Anonymous user on 05.01 PM Sunday, 18 December, 2016

    • - We have been informed that a manual to reassemble is not currently available but if you could please give us a call directly at 866-222-0030, we are happy to assist you!

      Anonymous user on 01.22 PM Monday, 20 February, 2017

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